February 21, 2020
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VAR referees caught ‘having takeaway delivered’ while overseeing football match

 VAR referees in Greece were spotted receiving a takeaway delivery while a game was ongoing after cameras panned to them at the moment the food arrived  Lamia were taking on Panathinaikos in the Greek Superleague in the first game of the domestic season when an incident on the pitch went to VAR  As the TV coverage showed the room in which the three VAR officials were monitoring the action it is clearly visible that there is a fourth man appearing to deliver a bag full of food for the hungry referees  It has not been confirmed what type of food the officials had opted for, with some reports it was souvlaki, a traditional Greek fast food which consists of small pieces of meat and grilled vegetables   The match eventually ended 1-1, with Lamia taking the lead before former Manchester United player Federico Macheda, who is best known for scoring a dramatic last minute goal against Aston Villa in 2009, equalised with a penalty  Social media users reacted with hilarity to the incident, with many displaying solidarity towards the officials  One person posted: “When hunger strikes, it strikes!”, while another added: “Welcome to our great league where anything can happen ”  One user cheekily suggested foul play could be afoot, and said: “Probably a bribe ‘here is your kebab now disallow this goal!'”   It is the latest news in a season which has been dominated by VAR making the headlines, with reports coming out recently suggesting that FIFA are considering binning linesmen in favour of replacing them with robots  An insider said: “FIFA already have a department set up researching into these exact areas  “Will they replace referee assistants completely with cameras and computers ruling offsides and throw-ins? It could happen one day ”  The news would, however, come as a bitter blow to takeaway owners.

David Frank