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Take these amulets.What are they? lt’s their umbilical cord. l made these amulets
with their umbilical cord. Tie it around waist. lt gives them protection & strength. Okay. Bye father. Bye mother. – Write letters to me.
– Okay father-in-law. Bye.Give me alms, sir.Sir..Give me alms, sir.Hubby…where is the baby?
Our baby is missing. Where did he go?
He was here only.Chellapandi, buy clothes for everyone.l should’ve bought it for
last festival itself. Let’s make it a grand one this time. How could they leave a child in hot sun? How did this child come here? There’s no one around. – Who child is this?
– Nobody is here… l’ve lost my child. We were coming to Chennai
with our 2 children. One was with his mother & another
was sleeping in the cradle.Write the name in rice and
call the name in his ears.We lodged a complaint with police
about finding a child. Withdraw the complaint.The child is our new heir.VETRIVEL– Sir, we can’t harvest.
– Why? – Sakkarapandi will never reform.
– What happened? Only if trucks come here
we can take the produce to market. Sakkarapandi’s men have stopped
all trucks in Dindugal. Earlier they used to burn
before harvest. The couldn’t do it this time, so they are
stopping the produce reaching market. White sugarcane can only
to used to produce sugar. So, we suggested to produce black variety
which’ll fetch good price during harvest festival Day after tomorrow is harvest festival. lf produce fails to reach market tonight,
we’ll lose everything.Madam, see what has happened.You needn’t worry. My grandson has gone to bring trucks.
He’ll surely come with trucks. Harvest festival will be celebrated
in every home with all festivity. No one should cross us. Dindugal truck owners have sent the trucks
defying our boss’s orders. Vel is coming with the trucks. Let’s see how they will cross us. How could your owners send trucks
defying Sakkarapandi’s orders? We can’t go against Vel’s orders. Go back with your trucks. lf you don’t we will burn your trucks. That’s impossible. Burn a truck.Come.Douse well.Douse.AYNGARAN DVDWe get light only on switching on. Lightning strikes only when it thunders. When you think of a saviour,
Vel will appear. Burn him down along with the truck. You want to torch a vehicle, right?
l will burn it. What this?
He says he’ll burn the truck himself. Do you know how different oils burn? Castor oil will burn for long hours.
Gingelly oil will burn bright. Kerosene will burn brightly.
Coconut oil will burn well. Acid will burn instantly.
Diesel will not burn properly. Petrol will burn like this…at once. Sakkarapandi can’t buy 10 litres of petrol.
Has he sent you to burn down my trucks? A police man shouldn’t fear.
A lawyer shouldn’t lie. A teacher mustn’t commit any mistake. Politician mustn’t have any desires. Officer mustn’t have head weight. A henchman shouldn’t have brain. – You’ve the hencman’s quality.
– Go boys. Do you know how to hold a sickle? lf you hold it tight with all 5 fingers,
it will slip away. Hold it with 3 fingers, press your thumb on it
and leave your little finger free. Only then you can hold it tight
even if it slips away. lt’s useless how many you
killed with this sickle. Why you did it is history!Vel has brought trucks.– Vel, any problem?
– Nothing, uncle. Go. Change your clothes
and start the harvest.After shedding all your worries
at the lord’s feet in Palani,the bulls of Sokkampatti
go to the fields to harvest sugarcane.Cut them delicately without
harming the ants…No wrong will happen in this village…Even ants won’t bite anyone…No wrong will happen in this village…Even ants won’t bite anyone…Sugarcane will taste much sweeter
when a right man cuts it…You will bleed when a
mighty man hits you…Like plantains we grow
as you cut…The more we sting our enemies,
we turn into honeybees…We fear no sorrows or losses…Lord Muruga will give us success,
and will be our courage…No wrong will happen in this village…AYNGARAN DVD– Offer prayers to God with Pongal…
– Our village is a fertile one.Chew away bundles of sugarcane…Well said Vel!We pierced spears into
our body for Lord Muruga…We offered sickles for
the Lord Maduraveeran…Our village is well protected
by Goddess Mariamman…We live unitedly like siblings…When good thoughts are sown,
the sky will pour without clouds…With his stick,
he will touch the sun…With his wings,
he will conquer the moon…We fear no sorrows or losses…Lord Muruga will give us success,
and will be our courage…AYNGARAN DVDOne shot two birds
is an old proverb…Yes, Velu…One bomb blast and
hundreds of pieces…Just one shot…Lord Ganesh under the banyan tree
will wish for eatables…But our children wish to fight…Every human has 6 senses in general…
Only a few will have 6 fingers…We will burn camphor in a cyclone…
No enemy will dare to enter our village…We don’t need sickles & sticks…When Vel is with us,
success will follow us…No wrong will happen in this village…Even ants won’t bite anyone…Sugarcane will taste much sweeter
when a right man cuts it…You will bleed when a
mighty man hit you…Like plantains we grow
as you cut…The more we sting our enemies,
we turn into honeybees…We fear no sorrows or losses…Lord Muruga will give us success,
and will be our courage…– Where is my husband?
– ln farm. You bloody labourers! l told you stop the trucks
entering the village. But you got beaten up by him
and got admitted in hospital. We couldn’t burn the trucks. So we thought of creating some
trouble during the festival. When you couldn’t even catch
a cow during the day, how can you catch
a buffalo at night? You eat stomach full everyday. The trucks didn’t burn properly
because we used Kerosene. – Kerosene..?
– Yes – Accountant..?
– Yes sir. l told you buy petrol, didn’t l? Petrol is Rs. 50 a litre.
But Kerosene is Rs. 35 a litre. l thought of saving Rs. 15. To hell with your accounts. To save Rs. 15, you destroyed
a car worth Rs. 500 thousand. Look there, the sugar factory
is emitting smoke. The smoke is nothing but my anger. His father took away a 270 million property.
l will destroy Vel’s family. The snake bit you. The snake bit me not you.
Why are you shouting? Follow the snake. Find out where the snake is going. My wife brought milk,
and the snake came to drink it. – lt’s entering the farm.
– Keep following it. The snake is getting into the ant-hill. The snake went into this. – Careful boss.
– Snake! When there were 20 standing here,
why did you chose to bite me? Where are you coming from?
Did Vel send you here? Stop hissing at me.
You’ve venom only in your teeth. By my entire body is
filled with venom.This bull was untamed in the last festival,O young lions!
Come & tame this bull.Walk like a lion and
climb the mountain…l’m Padayappa walking gracefully
and with me is the arms of youth…l’m loving & caring, and
l’m still a child at heart…Here comes our village lion
Kulandaisamy to tame the bull. – Welcome boss…
– You rascal. When did l tell you that
l will tame the bull? You walked gracefully
with a background song. Did l play the song? You played the song when l came. l used the opportunity and
gave you a good performance. Sir, come & tame the bull.
Sokkampatti will lose its honour. l will die if the bull hits me. – So, you won’t tame the bull..?
– Won’t you stop it? – You scoundrels!
– He is flying.Whose handiwork is this! lt’s fun time.You scoundrels!
They planned to throw me in.How dare to you put me
into trouble! lf l get angry, l’m a monkey.
Watch now.AYNGARAN DVDlt got scared & ran away. l always plan before entering any arena. Where is that bull? Call that bull. Chitra is married for 7 years. Nobody is bothered about
Swati’s marriage.You are right.She has just started compering on STV . lf you talk about marriage now,
she will not agree. – Rajamani uncle…
– What dear? lf you bring any proposal without her
permission, she’ll reject it. Swati has written a letter & left home. – What are you saying?
– Let’s go. – Look here…
– Read the letter. l don’t like you fixing my marriage
without my permission. – Didn’t l tell you.
– Wait… For more information,
see under the mixie in kitchen. So, l am leaving the house. For more information,
see the car wiper. l think she has escaped
with money & jewels. – Will you please shut up?
– Lift the shutter..fast.AYNGARAN DVDYou scared us by writing a letter but
you’re drinking coffee in garage. l wrote that l will leave the
house not the gate. l’m not a girl who will not listen
to her parents & runaway. Read the letter first. From STV, l will go to ETV, Zee TV,
Sony TV, interview CM & PM, – and finally join BBC & take the
life of Queen Elizabeth…- Hey… Sorry, l will take her interview.
Only after that, l will marry. Your grandparents in Malaysia are
keen to see your marriage. How can l marry for their wish? What about my ambition? Everytime l see you on TV,
l feel both happy & scared. Compromise your ambition for
your father, please. Okay. Yes. – Not for you, for my father.
– Thank you. – Vasu, the subject has come outside.
– Watch her carefully. A gold chain around her neck.
Diamond ear studs. – We can make Rs. 50000.
– Just shut up. Another object coming. – Hi!..- Hi!
– Why so late? She is Pepsi Uma….
No. She is 7 up Swati. Who cares! Our assignment is
important to us. Let’s follow them. Swati, groom’s family came
to see me yesterday. – They want to fix the marriage
next month.- Okay. Why the drainage is left open? What bothers us?
Let’s go. – lf anybody falls into by mistake.
– We didn’t fall, right? Keep quiet. We must close it. Are you going to lift this? Excuse me. Please come here. Can you close it? So that nobody falls into it.
Please. We are forced to do such things
to complete our assignment. They are gone. C’mon, let’s go. They are going into Saravana Stores. There they are. Rs. 2500..? Are you buying this for any function?Just for casual wear.Casual..? Then, you can go for
some Rs. 700 or Rs. 800 The drainage guys are following us. They are following us. Why are they entering a police station? ls she a lady police? But she doesn’t look so. Teasing girls infront of
police station. Go. – First know who we are.
– Listen to me. Vasu sir… you…? Yeah! – Was he following you?
– Who is he? He is the chief officer in
Global Eye Detective Agency. What’s the matter? She is going to get married. Groom’s family asked us
for her character report. – That’s why we followed her.
– Shut up. Sorry sir. lt’s okay.
You carry on. Come inside. The groom’s family suspects me. l will tell this to my father
and stop this marriage. Hello…what are you saying? Many bride’s families have asked us
for a report on groom’s character. What would happen to the girls
if they had stopped the marriage? Earlier, people inquired neighbours and
relatives about brides and grooms. – Now, they come to us.
– But still, following a girl is wrong. Look at those girls.They are exposing their bodies which
only her husband should see.When you question them,
they say it is modern culture. But men have changed
from dhoti to pants. Have you seen men in such clothes? No parent in Tamilnadu would like to
see their children in such clothes. That’s why they ask for the
girl’s character report. Unable to question their daughter,
parents keep quite. l’ve been following you both
since morning. Your friend is very caring. She is thrift.
But you are spendthrift. She scored 80%.
And you scored 40%. Just pass. l’ll give them a good report about you.
But you need to change a little. Only then, your future will be good. Anyone who marries you
will be very lucky. You are 100% eligible for
a perfect married life. Bye. lt’s 1 O’clock.
Haven’t you gone to bed? Mom.. The dinner is on the table.
Go & eat. Won’t you serve me? Come. She was waiting for you till now.
Now she is very angry. l had to… You come home at night
after l go to bed. And you leave before l get up
in the morning. You didn’t tell your whereabouts
when she called you, so she got scared. – What’s all this, mom?
– Where were you? Why didn’t you call me? Tell me. – A baby went missing.
– What? Kidnappers kidnapped a child and
demanded ransom of Rs. 1 million. A VlP’s child. They were ready to pay the ransom.
But it was a challenge to the police. They asked for our help to
find the baby by night. What happened to the baby? We found the baby.
And the kidnappers were arrested.AYNGARAN DVDWhy didn’t l get my child? Lakshmi… lt’s enough if l see my son once. That’s why l didn’t tell you.
But you kept asking me the reason. – Stop crying. No. Don’t cry. Please..
– Stop crying, Lakshmi. Please.The kids have to go to the school.
– ls the car ready?-Yes sir.Grandma, l am going to the college. Who is accompanying you? – Marimuthu & Ramasamy Kannu.
– Careful dear. Bye grandma.What is the problem?Nothing big. He has no kids. 2 years ago he adopted
his brother’s son. Now the mother wants the child back.
And he’s refusing to return the child. ls child straw to throw at will? Don’t you know what to buy or sell? – Hey…
– l will put it down. l brought up the child great love
and care for the past 2 years. Now she wants the child suddenly. You gave him the child accepting
all the conditions. How could you ask your child now? lt can’t be decided now.
Come later. l told you buy a cow from market.
Why are you still here? Sorry. l thought of pronouncing judgement
and become the village head. But you keep me busy at home. Grandma, l don’t think she’s asking
the child in jealousy. After giving away her child,
she might be thinking of it. That’s why she wants the child back
giving some lame excuses. l feel the child must be
with its parents. You know everything.
Take care. Uncle, l am going to the bunk. Mother.. Will my grandson leave me? What are you talking?
Vel is our son. My brother & sister-in-law are his parents. Who will come for him after all these years? Even if anyone comes,
we will not keep quiet.– Be brave.
– Yes mother.Uncle wants me to buy a milking cow. But l don’t see any such cow. – Milking cow? Here it is.
– This one…? – Why have you covered it with cloth?
– lt’s a female cow. The cow wanders freely everywhere
and eats anything it gets. How could you cover it with cloth? lt doesn’t look like a cow. l am telling the truth. lt’ll give you 40 litres in the morning,
40 litres in the evening, 20 litres free at 1:30 in the afternoon.
Totally, it will give you 100 litres. ls this a cow or any milk tanker?
Why are you lying? l swear on Goddess Jakkamma,
it’s a cow. Swearing on Jakkamma..? Looking at your coat, vermilion & Jakkamma,
l think this is a bull. So, you predict future. l’ve named this cow as Shenbagam. Even if you’d named it Shenbagam,
am l a fool to buy this cow? l will see before buying it. You rascal! You scoundrel!
You called a bull as cow. And trying to cheat me by
calling it Shenbagam.No. Don’t hit him.Since you lifted the cloth & saw it,
buy my bull. – lf you don’t you’ll not go home.
– lmpossible. – ls it?
– lmpossible. – He lifted clothes & saw it.
– Help me. – Why is he hugging her?
– Come fast. – Who did that?
– He did it. – Yes, he did it.
– Hit him. Before hitting me,
know who Shenbagam is.AYNGARAN DVDGood morning, Vasu sir. Good morning Baskar.
Why the parade? There’s a VlP function in the evening.
They have asked for security. Go ahead. – Hi Vasu.- Hi!
– Having fun..?- What fun? You have been following girls…
a great fun. But look at us. We are in the crime department
and are after criminals. But still crime department is very thrilling.
See you guys. – Good morning.- Why did he change from
crime to matrimonial dept.? His mother doesn’t like him
going out of station often. l’ve sent Kumar & Satish
to follow a groom. Shall l go alone to follow a girl? Where are we going? – l won’t tell you.
– Why? lf l tell you, you won’t come with me. Global Eye Detective Agency. – Why did you bring me here?
– Just come with me. He might advice me for not putting
the upper cloth on the T-shirt. l’m not coming.
l am leaving. Bye. Looking at these references,
she seems to be from a rich family.l need to verify groom verifiication.The 7 up girl. Fill up the application form and
get our chief officer’s signature. – Swati, welcome. How are you?
– Fine, thanks. Sit down. What’s the matter? – My marriage is about to be fixed.
– Congrats. Good. – Thanks.
– Who is the groom? l don’t know. You don’t know..? My family members are
discussing about it. – l got his address for his
character verification.- Okay. Give me the application. T. Vasudevan, it’s my name. Moorthy, read this application. T. Vasudevan, No. 10 Srinivasan street,
Adyar… – She has written your name and
address.- Yes ls she teasing you intentionally? She doesn’t look like that.Hi viewers! Welcome to 7 up’s
Down to Earth program.The place you are going
to visit is Tuticorin.This city is famous for salt production.Vasu, look at this girl.We thought salt is produced
from sea water only.– But salt is produced from bore water too.
– She is very beautiful. She’s talking brilliantly. She’s reading the script given to her.
Stop praising her. Are your parents arranging marriage
without your knowledge? l think so. What are you discussing about? Didn’t you see the groom’s photo? – My parents gave me the photo.
But l didn’t look at the photo.- Why? lf l like him on seeing him in the photo
and if his character isn’t good, l can’t change my mind. So l came to you to know
his character first. What if his character is good
and personality is bad? l will marry him. Character is more important
than face value. lf girls want to marry only handsome
men, many will never marry. How are you so sure? Didn’t your wife see your face
and marry you? – l shouldn’t have asked this question.
– When will l get the report? Give me 2 days time.
l’ll ask my guys to be on the job. My address is in the application.
– Courier the report to it.- Yeah..AYNGARAN DVDOn seeing you, my dear,
my heart couldn’t sleep…You gave me stealthy looks,
my heart couldn’t sleep…l couldn’t understand who you are…l don’t know whether
this is love or not…When l see an unknown girl,
love starts to bloom…On seeing you, my dear,
my heart couldn’t sleep…AYNGARAN DVDThe flowers on the roadside wither
on seeing your beauty…The evening butterflies are
eager to see you…My blood boils with your thoughts…When l get closer to you,
my nerves burst…Your footsteps are
a painting on earth…Your nails resemble the
moon in the sky…When l see an unknown girl,
love starts to bloom…On seeing you, my dear,
my heart couldn’t sleep…AYNGARAN DVDA drizzle during summer
tries to drench me…Even the morning dew
is hot to me…O flower! Your fragrance
breaks my heart…Your eyes pull me to your side…Are your words the holy scriptures?Are your memories my curse?When l see an unknown girl,
love starts to bloom…On seeing you, my dear,
my heart couldn’t sleep…You gave me stealthy looks,
my heart couldn’t sleep…l couldn’t understand who you are…l don’t know whether
this is love or not…When l see an unknown girl,
love starts to bloom…lt’s Swati. l am Swati speaking. l know. l’m after your fiance. lnfact, l am looking at your fiance. l would like to talk to you.
Where are you now? – l’m near STV & will be there in 5 minutes.
– Thanks. 5 minutes? From Thiruvanmayur to Mount Rd,
there are 7 signals. How will you go? – l’ll jump all the signals.
– l am not coming with you. – A small favour.
– Yeah..tell me. – You shouldn’t mistake me.
– What’s there in it? Just ask me…anything. l had asked for a report, hadn’t l?
– ln the report…- ln the report… Can you make a false
report of bad character? Sorry. What l’m asking you is wrong. Why? What for? l am not interested to marry now. l agreed for this marriage on
my parents compulsion. Why aren’t you interested? l did Visual communication to
work in creative field. lt’s been only 6 months
since l joined STV. l want to grow further & join BBC. That would take atleast a year. So… You can pursue your ambition
even after marriage. lf l marry, l must be a full time wife. Give birth to children, take care of them. Help husband in his profession.
l don’t want to mix both. You could’ve told this
to your parents. l told them. But they didn’t agree. lf l’m very stubborn, they’ll be hurt. lt’s wrong to hurt our parents
for our ambition. What should l do now? lf you give a wrong report
about the groom, my parents will stop the marriage. They won’t talk about my marriage
for sometime. Please. – You go. l’ll take care.
– Thanks.AYNGARAN DVDAddicted to drugs. – We were about to get her married to
a drug addict in haste.- Forget it. We saved ourselves from falling
into a pit in the last moment. You don’t worry, Swati.
You will get a nice guy. lf Rajamani uncle comes
with any alliance, l’ll add poison to his coffee. – Sorry Swati. We were about to
ruin your life.- lt’s okay, dad. Hello.. – l’m Swati speaking.
– Yeah Swati. Thanks for changing the
report on my request. – Did you report as drug addict
on my request, didn’t you?- No. – He is really a drug addict.
– Thank god. What truth? Tell her that you changed
the report on her only. lf l tell her that l changed it for her,
she may feel guilty. She is a nice girl.
Let her be happy. You should’ve made it as
a smoker, drunkard. Why did you report as drug addict? With cigarette & liquor shops
all around us, if we report the groom smokes & drinks,
the marriage may not be stopped. lt will happen.
Moorthy, will you stop this now. What happened to Subramaniam’s assignment? Don’t try to act. From your words
l can sense you are sad. This is the land which Sakkarapandi told. Pour… Pour all over the place. Come fast. – Sir…Velu…
– What happened? – Thangapandi’s farm has been burnt.
– What are you saying? Standing crops of Sugarcane & paddy
are burning down. lt’s Sakkarapandi’s handiwork.AYNGARAN DVDlt’s gone. Come fast standing
crops are gone. Help. Send the cattle away. – Pour water…ask everyone to come.
– Open the sluice. Switch on the pump set. Before the fire spreads, cut the crops,
heap it near by. Make it fast. All the crops are gone.
Sir, l don’t even have seeds to sow. Where is Sakkarapandi now? As if he is in no way related
to this incident, he must be in police station
or in a Collector’s office. – Are there petrol cans in my jeep?
– Yes. – Why is Velu coming here?
– Our boss is inside. On learning that you’re in the station,
l came running to see you. Velu, any problem in your village? You’re barging in. The crops were burnt when children
were playing with firecrackers. He has come to lodge a complaint
against those children. Sir, arrested those children & put them
in Vathalagudu children’s jail. l’ve put off the fire in the fields. His Oddanchatiram rice mill
is burning down. Not knowing what’s happening there,
he is leisurely talking to you here. l came here to inform him. What are you saying? A crow sat on live wire
leading to short circuit, the main switch board burst
and the rice mill is burning down. Who will you lodge the complaint against? Crow or current? lf you lodge complaint
against the current, you can neither arrest it
nor can you catch it. Do one thing.
Lodge the complaint against the crow. Let the crow be jailed for 6 months. Make the case very strong.
lt might fly away on bail. lf lnspector asks you how the crow looked,
tell him that it was black in colour. He will catch the crow. Bye. Oh no! My mill is on flames.
Sokkamapatti men burnt the rice mill. Before l could open the mill,
it was reduced to ashes. – Pour water from the tank.
– There is no water in the tank. Don’t remain idle.
Do something. Atleast you piss. lf l piss on fire,
it’ll affect my urinary tract. My heart is worried about losses and
you’re worried about urinary tract. Go. Go & put off the flames. We gave him a loss of 200 thousands. To repair our damages,
it might cost us 2 millions. How dare you give me
an estimation of loss! – Bring liquor bottle from the car.
– Okay boss.Lodge a complaint against the crow.Tell him that the crow was
black in colour.Why are you sitting here? The train is coming. Get up. Why tell me?
Tell the train to stop. – Please get up, boss.
– Can it go up after running over me? Trains can’t be killed.
Please listen to me. The train is getting closer.
Get up. lf you talk more, l will make you
sit here and l’ll leave. Please get up, boss. – Oh my God!
– Please come. Boss is dead! l was just having fun.
But you left me there to die. – Who said that ”Boss is dead”?
– l said ”Train is dead”. Thought l didn’t hear you properly? You are painting the board new but
still using last year’s tea powder. You idiot who lifted the
clothes of a cow! l will spit in your cup of tea. Oh no! The crow dropping! Get me a glass of water to wash it. Boss! l’ll kill the crow
which defiled your shirt. – lt’s just a crow.
– Leave me. Stone as well as crow have vanished.Where is the stone?Where did the stone fell?– What are you looking for?
– The stone vanished. Wow! Here it is. Boss! The crow has escaped
but it is bleeding. Then what is this? – You painter! How dare you pour red
paint on my boss.- Paint..? – l didn’t do it.
– l’ll kill you… How could you call my blood as paint? and moreover tried to kill me
by pushing him on me. l don’t know when he will get upset. lt’s a miss. – Who hit me? Oh my God!
– l broke his head. How dare you throw stone at me!
l will break your head. l won’t spare you. – He too is getting angry.
– l won’t spare you. Don’t pour hot milk on me.
No. Listen to me. You scoundrel!
He spilled hot milk on his customers. Why are you getting angry unnecessarily? The shop is burning. Pour water. – Where is water?
– ln that can. Fast. Pour it fast. Why water is making it burn more? – lt’s a kerosene can, idiot.
– Kerosene..! You should’ve told me. – You destroyed my shop.
– Run..run.. He has ruined my life. You scoundrels! Such a big mess
for a crow dropping? A tea shop is now up in flames.
And this village is now a war zone. ln your program on the other day,
you said Tuticorin is famous for salt. lt is also famous for
sickles, you know? Welcome sir. Swati, your drug addict groom
is sitting over there. You eat. No rice & noodles.
Something else. – Where?
– The blue coloured T-shirt. – ls he the groom?
– Yes. Didn’t you see the photo?AYNGARAN DVDl am very confused.
My head is aching. Your marriage is postponed
as you wished. Forget it. How can l forget it without
knowing the truth? Why did he do so? He did it on your request.
Or he didn’t like you. He did it to avoid you. Then when l called him on phone,
why did he say the groom is a drug addict? – May be he is a drug addict.
– l don’t think so. Thieves, womanizers or drug addicts
can’t be identified by their faces. – You must become one of them.
– Making fun of me? Look, he might be a drug addict.
He gave me a true report. So, it is curable.
l will cure him. – Pill for your headache.
– Okay. Keep it there. l went to Palani temple.
Apply this sacred ash. You don’t even need medicines.
– Your headache will vanish.- Keep it & leave. Talking like a Ayurvedic doctor.
Vasu, you have to… Swati.. Pill & brown sugar…!
You are his friend. – He is taking drugs inside office.
Can’t you stop him? – Are you a human?
– Swati, you have mistaken. lt’s my mistake to have
asked you for the report. But what you are doing
is a bigger crime. – Listen to me…
– Please.. Don’t say anything. You have said everything.
Now it’s my turn to talk. – You respect me, don’t you?
– Yes. – Then, come with me.
– Where? l can’t tell you.
Just come with me. – Where are we going?
– Just keep quiet. Janaseva – Drug De-addiction
and Rehabilitation Centre Oh God! Don’t worry. Everything will be alright.
Sit down. – Okay.
– Stay here. – l’ll stay here.
– Security, he is a drug addict. He might run away fearing treatment.
Keep an eye on him. Sir, what is she saying…? What is this Swati? Why did you bring him here? Can he be cured? What’s his position now? Sit here. Excuse me, doctor. lt’s okay. Vasu has no bad habits. Moreover, he had admitted 12 people here and helped them to get cured. He is such a perfect guy. Why did you give a wrong report
about yourself? ls it because l asked you? No. Then, why did you lie? Tell me. ls it because l wanted to
stop the marriage? ls it because you didn’t like me and
wanted to avoid marriage? l liked you very much. That’s why l gave you a wrong report. The first time l saw you,
l liked your character. When you met me in my office, l decided that you are my wife. Nowadays, no one respects
their parents. But you didn’t want to hurt
your parents’ feelings. l liked that intention. l also liked your ambition. He who keeps his sweetheart
happy is the real man. l wanted you to be happy, Swati. So, l lied.AYNGARAN DVDl’ve never seen a man like
you in the city…You came closer to me
but l never left…To find girls like you is rare…When you come close,
l hear thunders in my body…ls this real or a dream?
My love fever is still on…lt’s a feeling very new,
nice & unique…lt’s a feeling very new,
nice & unique…AYNGARAN DVDWhen you touched the plants & trees,
they turned into gold…When you looked at the teak tree……it turned into betel tree…Stop staring at me.
My breath is turning cold…Stop burning me down
with your third eye…My brain & nerves are turning erotic…You opened my heart like a theif…
You are a sorcerer…lt’s a feeling very new,
nice & unique…lt’s a feeling very new,
nice & unique…AYNGARAN DVDLillies are white…But your smile has a silver streak…The tomatoes are golden red…When you walk, even sand
turns into manure…l get hurt even when you hug me
in your dreams…lf l really hug you,
all my wounds will vanish…Fulfill your vow by
doing 108 situps…lt’s a feeling very new,
nice & unique…l’ve never seen a man like
you in the city…lt’s a feeling very new,
nice & unique…After court work, leave immediately. – Okay uncle.
– Velu, are you going very far? Sakkarapandi has filed case claiming
Kadagampatti sugar factory belongs to him He has filed a case in Madras court. To make us suffer. He shouldn’t get the sugar factory. lf he does, all your father’s efforts
will go in vain. l will never let it happen. – Bye.
– Let’s go. Mother-in-law… He is busy solving problems all the time. Karadimuthu will be the
witness in the court. – Careful.
– l will take care. Since we don’t know his time of birth,
we couldn’t get his horoscope written. And since we don’t know his real name, we couldn’t get his horoscope
based on his name. What can l do without any details? Thank God! l have place to stand. – Get down.
– Don’t beat me. Get down. ls this a truck?
Or are we going to any meeting? – Why are you getting into it?
– l want to go to Madras. l’m myself extra baggage.
What will you do in Madras? Get lost. – Big shots are going to Madras…
– Anyway you’ve to come back here. l will talk to you then. Velu, why are you standing here?
– Come inside.- lt’s alright. lf you don’t handle the case properly,
we have to sit inside the jail. Don’t be too childish. You came all the way from Dindugal. Government order says you shouldn’t
carry any weapons. What if Sakkarapandi’s men pounce
on you with weapons? Looks like you will provide him
with such ideas for money. – Answer me.
– Move. l will tell you.What are these?Cool drinks to drink and
petrol for the car. We say this to the police. But when a problem arises, We will drink the cool drinks,
pour petrol in it, tear our dhotis,
make it a wick & burn it. lf we throw these bottles,
sickles will vanish in thin air. Give that to me. What is this? – Torch light.
– To our enemies, it’s a life taking knife. He is possessed now. – lnform me when you get the copy.
– Definitely sir. – Thanks a lot.
– Okay. Look there. Who is he? He looks like our boy. Here’s the document. This is my grandson’s thumb imprint. Why? He is finger print astrologist
from Kumbakonam. He can write the horoscope with
the help of finger prints. What happened? This man will be rich, wealthy,
prosperous & a long life line. But… But what? The time is getting closer for this
boy to leave this houseand go somewhere else.Be brave to face it.Give us alms.
Give us alms. lt’s been 2 days since we ate. Come fast. Let’s go to the next car. Did their parents leave these
children on road? No. Some scoundrels would’ve
kidnapped them and made them beg on streets. And they will live on that money. What is it? Like us, their parents would also
be searching for their children. Don’t cry. Hey, look at the woman crying
in that car. A mother will cry thinking about
her husband or her son. You want to see your son now?
Look there. – Mother..!
– Where are you coming from?– From court.
– Look there. The man we saw in the court. – Come & have lunch at home.
– No. l have work at office. – l will eat in the hotel.
– They are his parents. Which hotel? Saravana Bhavan. Go to Saravana Bhavan. Go anywhere you like. But wake me up when you
reach Dindugal. – We’ll also come there.
– Okay. come.AYNGARAN DVDSir, whom do you want? My relatives said they are coming
to Saravana Bhavan for lunch. But they are not here. There is a branch in Mylapore.
Go there. – Any juice?
– 3 apple juice.– Just a minute madam.
– He’s not here too. Your keys, sir.
Your mother left it here. – Mother..?
– lt was your mother who ate with you, right? – Grandma…
– Come Velu.- Aunty. l saw a man just like me in Madras. l saw him & his parents too. Any of our relatives living in Madras? They were like our relatives, uncle. lf l don’t deposit this Rs. 150 thousands
in the bank, Velu will kill me. Hey, pay first the money you owe me
and then go to the bank. – l owe you money?
– You ransacked my shop, right? – Pay Rs. 50000 damages.
– You idiot! You asked me to pour it,
l poured and your shop was burnt. l told you to pour water. Why did you store water and
kerosene in similar cans? – You too store diesel & petrol in same cans.
– You rascal! You are talking too much. On that other day, l burnt down
your shop in confusion. But today l will pour petrol
on you & burn you down. – Can you burn me down?
– l will burn you to death. Will you kill me? l will hire men to chop you into pieces. – Will you hire men to kill me?
– Yes, l will.Who is he?– What is he doing the cell phone?
– Will you kill me?– Hello brother, excuse me.
– Yes. Please come here.What are you doing with the cell phone?– l’m unemployed.
– Okay. – Now l’m doing this business.
– Business? Robbery, rape & murder. Confession statements by the people. lf l record these & give it to CBl,
l will get cash rewards. Cash reward from the CBl? On what basis will you get
cash reward from CBl? You’ve threatened to kill him. – But l won’t kill him.
– So what? l’ll hire men to kill him,
put the blame on you – and take the cash reward from CBl.
– What’s your plan? lf you give me Rs. 100 thousand reward, l will give you the phone & walk away. Also get me my Rs. 50000.
l will give you Rs.10000. Rs. 10000?
Then give us Rs. 150 thousands. This is day light robbery.
This is not good. – Then, l’ll go to the police.
– Why’re you going to the police? – Take it & go away.
– Why are you throwing money? Behave decently.
Come, let’s go. Where do such people come from? l’m the first man to buy a Rs. 2000
worth phone for Rs. 150 thousands. We saw Swati on TV and
liked her very much. When you rejected our alliance,
we were shocked.Everything needs the right time.lt was you who said to add
poison to my coffee, right? lf Vasu marries Swati, – l made a vow to tonsure broker’s head
in Tirupati. – What do you mean by that? Vasu’s father is Thyagarajan.
So T. Vasu. ln Tamil Swati is its palindrome. Okay. l’ll agree for the engagement.
But not for the marriage. What? What do you mean? As Swati’s wished, the day l see her interviewing
Queen Elizabeth on TV, – l will marry her then.
– Very good. Thank God! We were shocked. l thought of marrying immediately. But you postponed it for a year. l did it to fulfill your ambition. You said that l can continue
my job even after marriage. You said after marriage, you’ll give settle down as
a wife and mother of kids. That was before. – Now, l want to marry immediately.
– You can never be reformed. Talking like a native of Madurai…? My native is near Madurai. l am going to my native place. Native village? Why? l am going to Dindugal for
the ”Down to Earth” program. From Aalampatti village of Thirumangalam
Taluk of Madurai District, Mr. T. Vasudevan, the only son
of Mr. Thyagarajan. He’s reading it as the only son…? Tell him to read it as ”younger son”. They think we have only one son. How can we tell them
about our lost son? l wonder how he is & where he is. He will be very fine…
wherever he may be. Hey Mokkasamy, who accompanied
Velu to the court? Karadimuthu who lives in Palms. – Bears fear…?
– Fire. Then burn down his house. How can we burn a palm tree? Add phosphorous in cow dung
and throw them on the palm tree. When the dung dries in hot sun,
the tree will burn automatically. He is talking like a scientist. He knows the formula for destruction
only not for creation. – Hey.
– Sir.To save money, if you buy talcum powder instead
of phosphorus to save money…! My leg…my leg… – Manohar, are you ready?
– Ready. – Roll.
– Rolling. Hi viewers! You are watching Sokkampatti village
in Dindugal district. Dindugal reminds us of locks. But sugarcane is the
main cultivation here. There are 2 types of sugarcane.
– White & black.- Oh my god. What’s happening? No idea. What happened?
Why are they running? The near by Palm trees are burning.
Put off the fire immediately. Go. A man burning down palm trees? – Who is this Sakkarapandi?
– He is a very good man. lf he smokes cigarette, he won’t waste the matchstick.
He will throw it on a nearby hut. lf he chews betel leaves,
he will spit on white shirts. How cruel!
How do you handle him? Only Velu & his uncles handle him. He burnt my house for coming to court
with you to testify against him.. – l want to meet Velu.
– Velu went there just now. He will come back. – We must retaliate by burning
Sakkarapandi’s house.- No. He burnt a small house.
Burning a big house is not the solution. We must cut the hand of those
who burn the houses. Only then they will fear to do wrong. Velu’s car is coming. Mano, shoot him. Okay.AYNGARAN DVDSurprising!– He looks just like you.
– lt’s shocking, isn’t it? Not only shocking. My mother’s prayers for the past
27 years have been answered. He could be your elder brother.
You are so similar. lf you twist your moustache
and remove that stubble, you will look exactly like him. Let’s this to your parents.
They will be very happy. lf l tell this to my mother,
she will start thinking about him. What if he is not my brother? First, l will go there and
find out who he is. – We’ll also join you.
– No Swati. You said it’s a troublesome village. And also that he belongs
to powerful family. Let’s not go there together
and confuse them. For now, let me go there alone. Get 10 guys from our crime division ready. l will inform you if any problem arises. – Send them immediately.
– Okay.l went for a walk in the cool breeze. Who is it under the sheet? The younger one or the elder one? lt looks strange. Let me find who it is. Who is it? Won’t you even spare a sheet?
Will you lift it & see? l wanted to know what you
were doing under it. Am l any room to peep through?
You idiot! l’m breathing vapour. Go to the cemetery to catch that. Why are you catching it at home? – How dare you shout at me!
– Oh no! Hot water.Beat him till he comes out
with the truth.Where are those 2 people who burnt the
palm trees & the house? Where are you going happily? Do l look very happy? You always look very agile.
That’s why l asked you. l’m going to Theni to pluck all the
ripe fruits from the tamarind tree. sell it in the market & make money. ls the explanation enough?
Move. Careful with the seeds. What? l told you to be careful. What should l be careful about? – The tamarind seeds.
– Say that in full. Why are you leaving the
sentence incomplete? Trying to show your smartness.
Look there. You’ll die man! They are beating him to pulp. l will rip your skin off, you rascal. ldiot! l will tell you the truth. – C’mon, tell me.
– l’ll tell… They are staying in
Easwari lodge, Dindugal. – Velu, we’ll also come.
– No. l will take care. ls there any good lodge near by? There is Easwari lodge near the bridge. – How to go to Easwari lodge?
– Go straight. Velu, they are in this lodge.
But they are not in room now. Book a room next to theirs’. Thirumugam bus goes
to Sokkampatti at 11 am. Uncle, we are in Dindugal. They are not here. l will handle it. – l will come in the evening.
– Okay sir. – Everyone must be talking about us.
– Yes. lt’s Velu. He has come here looking for us. Let’s go.Why are they running scared of me?You are getting late to the bus.
The next bus is at 2:30 pm only How dare you burn homes!– An important message.
– Tell me. Velu cut the hands of our men. He looks like Velu, right? Yes. He has grown beard & is not
easy to recognize him. lf Velu is going by bus, there must
be something important. What are you saying? ln Sokkamapatti bus that
passes through our village. lf Velu is coming by bus, there must be some plan behind it. Before he attacks us,
we must strike him preemptively. Kill him.Stop…stop the bus.The bus shouldn’t go any further.Come..come..Get down. Don’t leave him.He must be inside.
Look out for him. Velu is here. Get in.
Get in & kill him. They won’t spare you.
Get down & run. Get down….everyone. Fast. Knowing that we’re after him,
he is driving the bus himself. Don’t leave him. Chase him.AYNGARAN DVDHe has crossed Sathirapatti. There is a bridge after the bund. Blast that bridge.Sakkarapandi’s men are chasing our Velu.
Don’t spare them.Stop.Velu’s relatives have come.Let’s run.Let’s run away. – Who are you?
– Vasu. l’ve come to see Velu. You are right. But how can we accept if you suddenly
claim Velu is your brother? Velu is our son. He is my grandson. – Grandma, think again.
– Go, mind your work. He looks like my elder brother. We look alike. Don’t repeat the same thing.
Send him. Better leave now. lt’s our mistake to have saved you
from Sakkarapandi’s men. Go. Can you show me Velu’s horoscope? Why do you need his horoscope? He has no horoscope.
We didn’t write it. Tell me his date of birth. – Why are you creating problem?
– Hubby… My date of birth is in the licence. – l am asking you Velu’s birth date.
– Stop your nonsense. Velu was born on 25th may. Go. Now you know his birthday.
Go now. Move. 25th May. 25th May…? My mother lost her son on
the night of 24th May. You found him the next day. You don’t know his real birthday. You claim the day you found him as
his birthday. That’s the truth. Velu is my brother. Swear on this child.
Swear on this child. ls Velu your son? Swear on this child.
ls Velu your son? No, Velu is not our son. Try to understand.
He is this family’s heir. How can you ask him? Forgive us all.
Please go away. Go away. My mother is suffering for
the past 27 years. She has prayed to all Gods. – Try to understand her feelings.
– You try to understand us. We brought him up all these 27 years
with utmost love and care. How can we tell him that
he’s not from our family and how can l tell him to leave this house? – Please go.
– Velu’s car is coming. He is coming. – Please leave this place.
– Go. Go l say. Please go away. Velu shouldn’t know about this.
Please go away. l won’t. l won’t leave until
l see Velu. He won’t listen to us. Take him away before Velu arrives.
Take him away.– Velu shouldn’t see him.
– Please go. Go inside.Get inside. Go. Switch off ignition.No car should go out.What happened?
Why is everyone standing outside? Nothing. We are waiting for you. Uncle, l cut their hands. l’ve told 2 of our men to surrender
in Dindugal police station. Call our lawyer and
get them out on bail. Listen to us Velu.AYNGARAN DVDSince the bridge on Sokkampatti
Road was blasted,and the passenger bus was torched,
the situation here is very tensed.So, Chembatti, Pappanpatti,
Kanagampatti, Sokkampatti villagesare under curfew for
the next 48 hours.When you came to this house, your arrival brought solace and consoled
your parents who were childless. We used to pray God not to
send anyone looking for you. We wanted you to be part of our family. So, we withdrew the
complaint with police too. Grandma…why are you crying? l’m always your grandson. Grandma Don’t cry. Don’t cry.
l say stop crying. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Leave this house. You job is over.
Happy? Leave this house now. Our mother is… They are my father & mother.
She is my grandma. Aunt & uncle. My sisters.
This is my family.Leave this house now.Just see our mother only once. l don’t care who my real parents are. But l can’t leave my grandma
or my family. l believed that l will find my brother
someday or the other. But after knowing you’re my brother, l’m forced to leave you here.
My fate. lt’s alright. Can l stay with you for 2 days? You’ve already hurt many hearts. lf you stay here,
you will hurt many more. Velu…not just 2 days.
Stay as long as you want. No grandma. You keep quiet. He’s also part
of our family. Come. Welcome brother. Take him inside & give him
something to eat. Go inside. Since you both lost your hands,
our boss has come to see you. – ls it paining?
– Yes boss. lt will pain if someone cuts
your hand, idiot. You should’ve died instead. When he tried to escape
along with the bus, you could’ve thrown the spears at him. But you went running after the bus, ah? l should beat myself with slippers
for hiring you guys. – Dr. Mokkasamy…
– Hello. Can’t l recognize you
if you wear a coat? Boss, our boys have lost power.
l’ve hired 15 men from Tuticorin. Since the salt pans have dried up,
l could hire them at cheap rates. These boys are from our community.
They will take all my wrath. Are you planning to kill me by
hiring men from Tuticorin? How did you develop contacts
with men in Tuticorin? – Which is your native place?
– Near Ettayapuram. Ettayapuram. Not from
a traitors’ family, right?- My leg. Stop. – Sir…
– What? Curfew has been imposed in this village. Police have been posted everywhere.
– Careful.- Police…? – ldiot! l’ve faced the army too.
– Catch him.Police…? – Who are you? Your native place?
– This village. – What’s in the bag?
– Seeds. Tamarind seeds, sir. Look for yourself.
You caught for this. Why are they staring
at tamarind seeds? – Let me escape.
– Don’t run. – Come.- lf l’m not in this village,
many things have happened. Since section 144 has been imposed,
no one can venture out. Make sure Vasu doesn’t go out. Because Sakkarapandi shouldn’t catch him. Shanti, l heard that someone like Velu
has landed here. Where is he now? – You mean brother Vasu…?
– Brother Vasu…? l will hit you. Where is he?AYNGARAN DVDVasu, you had beard when
l saw you in Madras. Why did you shave you
beard & dress like Velu? l’m Velu. Then, he must be Vasu. Why did you wear my clothes? l left my clothes in the bus. – But how could you wear my clothes
and cheat everyone?- Stop it. – l’ll die in another 2 months.
– What are you saying? Yes grandma. Doctor said that
l’ve such a big hole in my heart. Our heart is only this much.
How can your hole be so big? Give me your doctor’s number.
l will inquire with him. Looking at the size of the hole,
the doctor got upset, had an heart attack
and died on the spot. – Give me doctor’s wife’s number
l’ll inquire her.- Sorry Shanti. She was shocked on doctor’s death. She also had an heart attack
and died on the spot. Give me hospital’s number.
We will inquire. lf doctor & his wife die,
won’t all the nurse destroy the hospital? Yes. The hospital will be destroyed
and the patients will be thrown out. lf the listener is foolish
you’ll claim elephants will fly. – How long can you cheat me?
– What? You blood pressure level is too high. Your body is very weak.
You should take care. How dare you call me a weak body.
l won’t spare you. He got caught with moody uncle. – Hey!
– Victory to lndia. Salutations to Mother lndia… The elder aunt’s tomato chutney
is red colour. The younger aunt’s mint chutney
is green colour. And like uncle’s heart,
his shirt is white colour. He has escaped somehow. l see national unity in this house. Very good uncle.AYNGARAN DVDThis home has 1000 doors
and it’s a nest of love…They are the roots of banyan tree…
Who is its tap root?Like a hen which broods eggs,
who protects this house?Look at our grandma
who is our family deity…He is lying…
He is spreading a net..We may have a peaceful sleep
with these affectionate tigers…We may become a staircase for
this affectionate family…This home has 1000 doors
and it’s a nest of love…They are the roots of banyan tree…
Who is its tap root?AYNGARAN DVDThis house looks like
Veerapandiyan’s chariot…They belong to a courageous family…
Who else is here like them?Even Cheetah gets scared on seeing
uncle’s moustache…The entire family is spellbound
by aunt’s culinary skills…They throw diamond earrings
to chase hens…They gift gold chains to trace thieves…He is just bluffiing…
Exaggerating things…lf we have relatives’ support,
we can dare fire…lf Velu brother stands by us,
we can even cross the fire…This home has 1000 doors
and it’s a nest of love…AYNGARAN DVDThere is a river flowing through
Sokkampatti village…Even fishes of that river
chant your name…Who rules over the neighbouring villages?Even now they praise
my grandpa’s administration…Doors are always open for relatives…When they go for hunting,
they come back with 100 tigers…He is apple polishing you…He is unnecessarily acting smart…lf you are benignity,
you can even bear the lance…lf Velu brother wishes,
you can stay in this house…This home has 1000 doors
and it’s a nest of love.They are the roots of banyan tree…
Who is its tap root?Like a hen which broods eggs,
who protects this house?Look at our grandma
who is our family deity…He has charmed the entire family…He has become a part of this family…We may have a peaceful sleep
with these affectionate tigers…We may become a staircase for
this affectionate family…Dear Velu… While leaving, one shouldn’t
ask where are you going? Grandma, just going to solve a problem. Kuzhandhai, wait… What? Why everyone is moving
around with weapons? Who is Sakkarapandi? What’s the problem between
this family and him? lt all started 15 years ago..After Velu’s grandpa Velpandi died,His father was solving all
the villagers’ disputes.Greetings. Why have you all gathered here? Sir, they are not paying us
properly in the sugar mill. Even money for the sugarcane
isn’t paid to the farmers. Management points finger at owner. Who owns the mill? Vatalagundu Srinivasan and Ramanathan. What are you saying? – Do you own the sugar mill?
– Why can’t we own it? Tell me the truth…
Who is the real owner?l’ll kill you, tell me the truth..l’ll tell, sir.. Minister, people say
you own the sugar mill. l’m not in any way connected
with the mill.Velu’s father found that
Sakkarapandi owns the mill.Sakkarapandi is the first politician
to become a Minister at 30.He ran the sugar using a proxy.Two owners were handed over to police.You’re running a proxy sugar mill
with ill gotten money, We have come to arrest you. What are you talking? l’m a Minister. Sir, CM has ordered to arrest you. Problem turned worse
and sugar mill was locked. ln the mean time general
elections was announced. You’re lucky to get party nomination, lf you want to save yourself
from this case, you must win this election. lf you lose, party will give up on you, you have to undergo the punishment.To win the election,
he fell at Velu’s father’s legs.But he didn’t support him.A criminal must undergo punishment. Move away..ln the polls nobody voted
for Sakkarapandi.He was convicted for his crime
and went to jail for 3 years.Leader, who’ll take care of us now?Government took over the
management of the sugar millSakkarapandi came out of jail
with vengeance in heart.He poisoned the food of Velu’s parents
in a feast and killed them.– Sir, have betel leaves..
– l don’t have the habit.- Okay sir.Hubby, why Sakkarapandi is standing there?Hubby, don’t go…Hubby, stop it..Hubby, don’t fight…
Leave my husband…AYNGARAN DVDFearing they may not die with poison,
he waylaid & hacked them to death.Even after killing Velu’s parents,
he was still wreathing for revenge. He started to meddle this family and
the village that didn’t vote for him. Ever since then nobody in
this family eats outside.Even in home,
grandma tastes the food first.Everybody craves for
mothers’ affection… – Bond of brothers is meaningless…
– Will you please shut up? Tomorrow l’m leaving to Chennai…
Nothing’s left for me here… Are they your parents? These are my parents. – Will you stop it?
– Okay.. Why are you so stubborn? How did you get this key chain? Velu, how did you get it? This amulet was treasured as
your memory by my mother. Do you know what’s inside it? Your umbilical cord. Mother was upset after losing it. Leave it… how come it is here? Tell me that… l’ve seen our mother… Not only mother… l’ve seen you and father too… Uncle, l’ll take leave.Vasanthi, bye…Shanthi, bye… Grandma, l’m taking leave… Grandma, l said l’m leaving… l know what you’re fearing for.. l swear on you… Grandma, l promise l’ll never tell
my parents about Velu.A close relation is moving far away…
– Dear…Brotherhood relationship is withering…There is no one to care for this son…No one to pluck flowers
from the fencing plant…A dust in the eyes has
become a needle…Tender paddy has become
mosses now…He has become weak now…
Separating from the twin brother…– Hello.
– Yes Swati… When are you coming back? Tomorrow morning. Velu is coming with you, isn’t he? l’ve decided Velu isn’t
my brother anymore. What do you mean? What else can l say? They were crying all these
years, weren’t they? Let them cry forever…
cut the call. Leave…leave this place… Drop me and go.. Don’t prick me with the same words? ls it pricking you? You feel like cheating your own mother? You shattered my peaceful world. You might’ve lived peacefully.
But we never in peace. Was it my mistake to get lost
as a 3 month infant? ls it parents’ mistake to
find their son after 27 years? They won’t bear, if l get separated from them. l’ll keep up my promise
given to grandma. Even if you’re willing to come with me,
l won’t take you all of a sudden. l’ve lived with the pain of losing you…
l can understand the pain of others. You should live always
with them only. l want you to come there only once. l don’t want you to get
separated from them. What are you talking? First, you go there. l’ll be here as you. You stay with our parents for
10 days or a week.. After that l’ll never trouble you. How is it possible? How can l tell my mother that
l’m here for a short stay only? Don’t tell them. Don’t reveal your true identity. You go there as me. lf you wish, reveal the truth..
or else come back… – Why its happening only with me?
– lt’s all fate! You came to Madras High court… While you were waiting at the signal… You saw us and came towards us… Then, l lost that key..
you got that key.. When l was in Dindugal lodge,
you also stayed there. l chased your enemies…
and your enemies chased me. lt’s all our fate! Don’t think of carrying everything
on your own shoulders?AYNGARAN DVDCome, Velu… You…? l’m Moorthy, Vasu’s friend. Father… Dear… Vasu, why did you stop there itself? What happened? Why are you looking dull, dear? A small problem there..
that’s why he is worried.. lf you get stuck up, never mind.. lt means a bigger victory
is awaiting you. Why are you getting worried for that? Get inside… Moorthy, you also accompanied
him, didn’t you? Not only me, 36 other people too
travelled with us in bus. – Hey…
– Escape…. Hubby, isn’t he looking different? Welcome, dear.. – Uncle, has Vasu come?
– Yes. He is inside. We were waiting for you
for the past 2 days… This is Swati, Vasu’s fiance. Actually l only saw you first
in that village. What a surprise you are his brother! You work hard day and night, before stepping into home,
you should spit in the backyard. Only then, evil will not follow you. Stand up and fold your hands… Spit…spit, dear… l’ve prepared dosa.
3 of you come and have it. Look, you stay here as Vasu as
long as you wish… But while leaving, please tell
them you’re Velu. Hey buffalo… – Who is it?
– lt’s me, brother. – Let’s go to market..
– Market? Generally we fight, don’t we? Why suddenly you want
to go to the market? – Uncle asked me to buy a bull.
– Okay.. lt seems you lift and
see things to buy cattle. Who told you? Why are you coming to this area? Why did you bring me to this
stupid man’s house? He is a belligerent man. lf you want, you could’ve
come alone, couldn’t you?Why are you trying to
put me in trouble?Oh my God! What can l do now? – Sakkarapandi brother…
– Why did he come here? Sister, don’t get tensed…
l just came to meet him… ls he sleeping in the hall? lt’s 6.15 am. Still sleeping? Sakkarapandi brother…get up….Brother, what’s this?– Brother, why are you still sleeping?
– How did you come inside? l didn’t come to fight with you.. People of two villages are suffering
because of our enmity. Because of imposed curfew, daily wagers, farm hands and
mill workers are idling at home. Do we need this? Brother, l’ve come to a conclusion. – Hey, bring a sickle…
– What? – Sickle… – Hey Nallamuthu… Manikam…
– They are not here, madam. l can walk after beheading you. Nobody can dare touch me…
But l’m not here for your head. My father dethroned you from
position because of your crime. But you planned and killed my parents. Your father pulled me down from
a powerful Ministership, and made Govt. to confiscate my
Rs. 280 million worth sugar mill. And also made me eat frugal
meals in jail for 3 long years. How can l forget all that? Okay…l accept it was all our mistake. Shall l fall at your feet seeking pardon? Here or on road or infront
of the entire village? lt’s not wrong to fall
at an elder’s feet. l can get peace only when l burn
you alive like your village. Sister, did you see? He’s going on aggravating the situation, l won’t take it as easily as now. lf anything happens to your husband,
don’t curse my family. Because they say a chaste woman’s
curse will come true. – Bless me, sister.. – Live long..
– Bye… Sister, please put some into him. How dare you bless him? Do you want me to get destroyed then? l expected you to get me a sickle… lnstead of that giving pose and
admiring his punching one liners? Oh my God!Who is it?Still running?– How did you escape from that mad man?
– That’s a secret! Madras guy Vasu has charmed you nicely. lf l happen to see him now… – You want to see Vasu, right?
– Yes. Close your eyes.. Open your eyes.. l’m Vasu. Are you Vasu? Get lost, man.. – Hey, does Velu know English?
– Don’t know.. Watch now. Mr. Kuzhandaisami, l’m Vasu. l can speak English, walk English,
swim English jump English and English,
lot of English… – Are you Vasu then?
– Yes.. You sinner! You’ve kidnapped our Velu
as you had planned.. Had you charmed the entire
family to achieve this? lf l don’t tell this to your uncle
and teach you a lesson… My name isn’t Kuzhandaisami.
l’ll change it as Monkeysami. Hey Monkey… Before you inform them, l’ll go there in jeep and tell them
you sent Velu there. They won’t believe you. – Who’ll they believe you or Velu?
– Velu. – Then, they’ll believe me only.
– But you’re not Velu, right? Only you know it, right? Do you know why l sent Velu there? When Velu comes back after 10 days, Sakkarapandi shouldn’t be here. lf he does, it means he’s reformed. l’ll prove you what violence can’t do,
intellect will do. My brother should come back
and live happily.. Hey, stop beating me… ls this the way you beat your neighbour? Am l a loafer to get beaten up? Hey, didn’t you go with Velu
to Sakkarapandi’s house? Even that jeep went there.
Break it down.. – You’re afraid of damage cost, aren’t you?
– Hey… You’ve to spend for damages
to me also. l warn you… Uncle, there’s a limit to
make fun of me.. – Hey, shut up…beat him, boys…
– Touch me not, l say… Uncle, l’m going to avenge
Sakkarapandi differently. Usually he hits us first… We used to fend first and
then attack him. Hereafter we should strike him first. He should fend to get out of it. Before he regains his balance,
we should strike him again. We should keep on striking
him relentlessly. Didn’t get you Velu? You will understand after my first strike. Count down has started for Sakkarapandi! Who are you?
What do you want? Where is your son?
Call him… He isn’t here…
what’s the matter? First call him here… Why are you bossing over us
in our house? My brother is a drunkard,
criminal and a womanizer… That’s all his personal problems… Your son has revealed everything
to the bride’s people.. Vasu, they are inside.
Handle them with care.. Vasu tries a compromise
for any problem… Don’t use might in haste… Boss, he is Vasu. Hey, are you a Police Commissioner
or a Magistrate? Why did you give report on me? Don’t know what’s going on inside… Because of your statement,
bride’s people cancelled the marriage. l lost my honour. First get out of here.. Whatever it is,
let’s settle it in my office. Show your detective talent
in supplying girls. – Get out…
– Hey kill him… l know you’re the only son
for your mother. Do you know how many fathers you have? lnvestigate and submit a report… Will you?AYNGARAN DVDOnly one father… But 2 sons! Vasu, he looks different. He may be a psycho. How police and politicians
are keeping quiet? lt’s all because of his diminishing
political power. Anyway, we should keep a tab
on Sakkarapandi’s activities. Who are his visitors… l want a copies of his bank balance, license,
passport, insurance pan card and ration card. Okay Vasu. Keep an eye on his house, car,
phone, loan, wife, children etc., Get the details about his proxies. Details of his henchmen
and their families. Nobody should suspect you. Just split up and start working.
Okay? Please stop… – Where are you going?
– Just like that. l’ll tear you apart. Do you know who’s place is this? Sakkarapandi brother, Velu is in Madras.He is near Mount road.Hey, Velu is out of station. Where will his uncles be now? – They will be in Dindugal petrol bunk.
– Let’s move.. – Hello.
– Hey Velu, are you fine? l know you are in Madras. Do you know where l am going now? – To your house..
– What do you mean? Why are you getting angry? Didn’t you barge into my home? Now l’m going to enter your home, And cut a few strands of hair from
women there and also an old sari. Come and take a look. Start the vehicle…
make it fast.. – How far is our house?
– 22 kms. To Sakkarapandi’s house? 13 kms.AYNGARAN DVDHey, beat him nicely… – Stop…
– Move away…Why did you come here?Oh my God! Grandma… Oh my God! Hey, better you get out of here.. Or else may have to face the flak. All l want is a sari
and few strands of hair. Wear this and give me the
sari you’re wearing. After this incident. Your men shouldn’t have sport moustaches, – feeling shame to go near their women
and die in guilt.- Just shut up! Are you shouting at me? Oh my God! Velu, didn’t you come
to my bedroom? Now l’m inside your kitchen.. l was born to win! l was born to torment you. How dare you enter my kitchen? l can enter your bathroom too. Don’t try to cheat me. l know you’re in Madras
near Mount road. lf you want, you can take like that. That’s okay, but is your wife
bathing in a public toilet? What do you mean? Want to hear your wife’s voice
from the bathroom? Open the door…
Who has locked the door? Oh no! l don’t have my clothes to
change also. Open the door. – Shall l open it? – No, Velu…
– Listen to me… – First come out…
– l’m coming… Come to the front yard… Go and wait in the street corner. Go fast… Wait there till l come.
Else, l’ll not spare you.. Hey, why are you staring at me? Are you surprised to see me here
in such short time? lt takes 3 minutes to reach
Madras airport from Mount road. l reached Madurai by flight
in 5 minutes. From Madurai, it took just 2 minutes
to reach Sokkampatti village. l came here in just 10 minutes,
did you see? You are irritated, aren’t you? You’re irritated to hear it, aren’t you? You’re getting angry for entering
your house… Won’t affected people get
irritated on you? How dare you enter my house? Do you know why l came to your house? Did l come to fight with you? Did l come to misbehave with your wife? l came for a compromise. Ravanan and Duriyodhanan, two epic heroes
were destroyed for their immorality. The moment you thought of insulting
my family women.. Your count down has started.. l’ll destroy your name in this town.. And l’ll throw you out from this
village within 7 days… lf l fail, l’m not grandson of Velpandi.
lt’s my challenge! What do you want, man? You want few strands of hair
and a sari, right? Here they are! Catch it! That is your wife’s false hair
and her sari. Go and give it to your wife,
who is under the shower… She will definitely praise you! Let’s go. Why did boss call me here suddenly? You gave the information, right? He might have called you to reward. Won’t he book a return flight ticket for me? Oh sure! He will book a 1st class ticket. Boss… Why is he wearing a sari and false hair? What happened to him? Boss, what happened to you? Boss, stop beating me… To hell with your information!
Shame on you!– Bring uncle inside…
– Okay..Why all of you are here? My grandparents have come
down from Malaysia. Since they can’t attend the marriage,
they thought of meeting Vasu. Oh my God! How can l…? lt’s just a formal meeting… that’s all. l can see only English name boards
all over Tamil nadu. – But in Malaysia, they do have Tamil also
in all name boards.- You are… Datto Purushothaman,
Member of Parliament in Malaysia.We came for a conference in Delhi.Hello Mr Vasudevan…
– How are you? – l’m fine. Young chap. Good selection…
please sit down.. Take it… Son-in-law, put this ring to Swati. Exchange of rings is half marriage. Take it… Put this ring to her…
Swati, come… Obey elders’ words…
lsn’t she your fiance? lmpossible, mother. Why are you hesitating? All are looking at you…
Put the ring to her.. lmpossible, mother… Vasu, why are you behaving like this? l’m not Vasu… Mother, l’m your lost son Velu. l’m Velu, your lost son.l’ve lost one of my son…l got relieved from my pain…Whose curse is on us?How can any heart bear this?This is a bondage between
mother and son…Which god will unite them?My dreams have come true…Again tears are rolling down
from my eyes…How can this mother forget her son?Their fate has taken a new shape…Look Swati, tomorrow you’re coming
to Malaysia with us. You’re staying there for 2 months
and forget everything.l’ve booked the ticket.Very happy to hear it, my son..Stop crying.l’m very happy that Velu
told the truth to mother. Tomorrow my grandpa is planning
to take me along with him. They can do only if you are there. You come immediately to Dindugal. l’ll take care of the rest. Shanthi, not yet gone to sleep? Velu brother holds sickle
in a unique way. Nobody can hold it like that. Show me how you hold it… ls it enough? This blood has a pinch of
loyalty towards this house… l’ll never betray my benefactors. l’m Vasu.AYNGARAN DVDOnly old women are seen here. l don’t see any young things? Hey Swati… how are you? Sister-in-law, you are very beautiful.. Perfect match for Vasu brother. – Are you Shanthi?
– Yes…O girl with mesmerizing eyes!
My world revolves around you…Hey Shanthi, come here… – Who is this ponytail?
– My friend.. – Hi…
– Hi.. – Your name?
– Swati. l asked your name, not religion.
Who are you? Oh no! lt’s not caste…
her name is Swati. We both finished our schooling
together in Dindugal. Which school? Dindugal Higher Secondary School.. – Where it is?
– Dindugal. Teasing me? Entire Tamil Nadu knows
me as ”7 up Swati”. What brings you here? l’ve come here to do a cookery
show of village cooking. Shanthi, you’ve a brother, don’t you? Yes, his name is Velu..
he’s upstairs. Oh my God!
– Brother.. – Yes.. She is my friend, Swati. – Hello…
– Greetings.. This is village. Your culture won’t suit here. l thought he’ll get trapped by her beauty..
lnstead, he is insulting her.. Brother, will you drop us
in Mariamman temple? Modern dresses are strictly
prohibited in our temples. Give her your half sari. Shanthi, are you sure is it Vasu? Yes…he’s acting very well.. ls it so? Wait… l’ll also show
my prowess to him.. What? Planning to show your prowess
on your first day itself? Definitely a murder will take
place in this house… lf they don’t find anyone,
l’ll be their target.. Swati… hey Swati… Wait… Hey Muthu… Hey beauty… Hey Muthalagu… Stop dear… Can’t you hear me? You look gorgeous in half sari.. Why is she getting angry now?Oh furious parrot!Don’t poke me and go..Don’t lift up your eyebrow
like a cutter…Oh furious parrot!
Don’t poke me and go..Don’t lift up your eyebrow
like a cutter…l’m undergoing a strange pain…
ls it love?My heart is longing for you…
ls it love?Oh furious parrot!
Don’t poke me and go…Don’t lift up your eyebrow
like a cutter…AYNGARAN DVDWhy are you showing your back
like a sunflower?Why are you getting scattered
like dropped dice?You’re provoking me with
your charming words…You’re trying to lie on
my shoulder…Oh peacock of Mylapore!
Offer me a feather…l’m from Madurai, stay away..No girl can control her desires…
Every girl falls for fawning..Let’s see, dear…There is no goat that
doesn’t graze…lf it’s not grazed, it’s not grass…
Don’t show off…l’m undergoing a strange pain…
ls it love?My heart is longing for you…
ls it love?Oh furious parrot!
Don’t poke me and go…Don’t lift up your eyebrow
like a cutter…AYNGARAN DVDYou’re making me hot
like a summer..You’re circling me like
a cyclone of desert…You’re pretending like a good girl…You’re very crisp like
neighbour’s chips…You fix a date for our wedlock…lf you allow me,
l can move ahead…l’m not feeling hungry…
l’m sleepless…ls it love?l haven’t seen the mirror…
You’re not before me…ls it love?l’m undergoing a strange pain…
ls it love?My heart is longing for you…
ls it love?Oh furious parrot!
Don’t poke me and go…Don’t lift up your eyebrow
like a cutter…Aunty, you explain us about
your favourite dish. – Sister, will it come on TV?
– Certainly.. My husband’s favourite dish is fish. Home made paste from
ingredients is the best. You shouldn’t buy readymade
masala pockets. lt will be more tasty if you add
green chillies along with red. What do you want? Come here. – All are here…
– An important matter… Dear, who did you make a call? That was a long distance call. – To which place?
– Dindugal. – Which place in Dindugal?
– Sokkampatti. – ln Sokkampatti?
– Maela street.. – Where in Maela street?
– Down house… What? Aren’t you giving the
address of this house? – Yes of course.
– Who did you call then? This girl.. Do you need a phone
when she’s nearby? You could’ve called her and
finished your conversation.. – Why are you so silly?
– Shut up! Swati, an important matter… You should go and interview
Sakkarapandi’s wife… Go there with your STV team. You should only take her… You’re always putting my life in risk sending
me to Sakkarapandi’s house. This isn’t fair.. – Come on, he’s here, isn’t it?
– He will be here.. l’ll be in danger, if l go there.. – Be brave, man.
– You bravemen never step forward. But order cowards to face
the battle… – Go when Sakkarapandi is not there.
– How can l confirm he’s not there? – You call him and confirm it..
– Oh l see! What did you say?
– Lets go… – Make it fast…
– Do you want me to call him? You stupid! l’m coming… When will you telecast
my interview on TV? Madam, my name is Kuzhandai… lt will be telecast on Sunday
in Village Cookery program. Before they finish this interview,
l may freeze out… Please finish it off quickly.. l’ve a work on the riverside.. Shall we start? This is Sakkarapandi’s family file. He has a 17 years old daughter
and 14 years old son. Both are studying in Kodaikanal. His main income comes from
Shanmugapandi Engineering college. Yearly, 300 students are admitted. He gains 60-70 millions from
college fees, donations etc., These are all the details of recent
meetings of Sakkarapandi. This document includes the
details of his properties.. – We can book him under land-sealing
act, can’t we?- 100%, Vasu. One more important thing…
Sakkarapandi has committed a blunder. But no proof for that… l’ve arranged to get a proof
inside his house.. lf it clicks, Sakkarapandi can’t escape… – Shall we start our operation with
these details?- Yes sir.. Sir, they are stealing from
ration shop itself!They’ve stolen lower
quality rice also…– How many bags are missing?
– 20 bags. – Do all bags have Govt. seal?
– Yes sir… – Call the dog squad…
– Yes sir.AYNGARAN DVDSir, this is ex-Minister
Sakkarapandi’s Rice Mill. Hey, behave yourself…
What are you thinking? Did l steal rice from ration shop? lt’s worth just Rs 2000…. – Are you suspecting me trusting a dog?
– Sir, a crowd has gathered… Allow us to do our duty.. Want to check? Look, is it this one? Check out… Sir, we don’t find any ration rice bags here. – Sir, check what is inside that bas.
– That’s an empty bag. – Why don’t you check it out?
– Sir Sir, did you see? This bag has a govt. seal and symbol
of ration shop. Have a look… Boss, please forgive me… l only stealthily sold
govt. rice bags. – Hey, get into the jeep…
– Sir, seal his mill…lt’s impossible to checkmate our boss.Are you surprised to see the bags
of ration shop in your mill? lt’s just the beginning… l’ve just started my game. This is just a warning to you. You can escape from stealing
of 1000’s rice bags. But you can’t escape, if you have
a single bag with govt. seal. lt’s not too late… l’ll apologize infront of
everybody for the mistake. l’ll fall at your feet and
seek your pardon.. Promise me that you won’t
trouble me anymore… l should behead you. And play football with it. One should react according
to the place and time. One stick is enough for a good cow.. A good person keeps up his word.. They are going to seal this mill.
Your cell is ringing…lt will be sister’s call…
pick it up…She will inform you about
the arrival of lncome Tax officers. Hubby, lncome Tax officers
have come here..They want to examine our house..Monday after Tuesday… Police after lT… Don’t know what will come after lT?
Bye..Apart from your business,we have information about
your 30 henchmen.. But no records for their payments. Am l a goon to have henchmen?
They are all my relatives. Then, why your accountant has
registered their attendance? Sir, l’m an Ex-Minister. He keeps a record of all my visitors. Near Vatalagundu, there was a fire
accident in Ganguvarpatti village.. You donated 35 millions
to the affected village. – Donated 35 millions?!
– No way! ln order to usurp those lands,
he burnt down all their huts. And then donated liberally. – Do you pay in cheque or cash?
– l didn’t do it, man… What does it mean then? This amount wasn’t accounted
in previous tax report. Brother, did they show you
all the evidence? Loss will be more… You’re not ready for
a compromise… Come and give a direct explanation
to Dindugal lT office. Seize all the property.
Close all the lockers. We don’t want any trouble
to happen in the process. How many of our students are studying
in Sakkarapandi’s Engineering college? And how many are working there? There are 15 students and
2 are working as peons. Velu brother, if there is any problem,
our studies will get affected.. Don’t worry, nothing will
happen like that… Within a week, all students will get
admission in Govt. Engineering college. Sir, l’m the principal of this college. This is ex-Minister’s Sakkarapandi’s college. Sir, we have information that your
management is supplying drugs to students. Constables, don’t spare anyone…
Catch all of them… Where did you get these drugs?
Who is your supplier? With the help of the management,
our peons sold drugs to us. Sir, we don’t know anything… Let’s reveal the truth. Why should we
unnecessarily get into trouble? Yes sir… stocks are stored
in Principal’s room… Sir, our college has a name..
Your behaviour isn’t acceptable.. Come on, search everything… Search that table… Search inside that drawer… Sir, look here…drug packets! – What’s this sir?
– Sir, l don’t know anything… Without your knowledge,
how could this happen? lsn’t this your room?
Aren’t you using it? This room belongs to Correspondent too. – Who is the correspondent?
– Mrs Manimegalai Sakkarapandi. Hubby, why police have besieged?
l’m afraid… Madam, l’ve to arrest you
under Narcotics act. – Hey, who are those students?
– They are from Sokkampatti. Now l got it…
l know who’s behind all this. Hubby, didn’t he request you
to come for a compromise? Hey you illiterate woman!
Will you go to jail then? They’ll offer you white sari and
gruel to you when l’m still alive. ls that okay to you? – Sir, you arrest me..
– Sir, correspondent? l’m responsible for everything. l’m the founder of this college.
You arrest me. Release our leader… Give your phone to me… ls Sakkarapandi brother there? He is here, but can’t talk to anyone.. One important matter… Let him not talk to me.
lt’s enough if he hears me… You shouldn’t talk.. Hey Sakkara, did they tie your tongue? Now you’ve to listen what l say. You can’t hear your cell ring tone… How can you hear your
college bell ringing? Throw away the cell and
sit silently in a cell. Only then, your good sense
will prevail on arrogance. He’s trying to corner me
using his mass base. Tomorrow before my college bell rings,
a member from Velu family should die. his home must mourn a death… Kill the first member you find… Swati, when did you come? l’m afraid, Vasu… l think you’re taking high risk… Swati, my brother should lead a peaceful life. l’m ready to take any risk for it… lf you want, go back to your place… Vasu, l’m not your lover to run
for shelter in adverse situations.. l’m almost your wife… l ate a horse finding
the delicacy exquisite. lt’s thunder down under! Brother, he is Velu’s relative.. – lf we kill him, boss will praise us..
– Come on, let’s go… Sakkarapandi’s men don’t allow
to answer nature’s calls also. No peace even while using pot?
Oh my God! Please save me… Hey, l’m sitting on haystack only.
Why are you all trembling? You fear for me, right?
Why do you chase me then? – Hey, a snake behind you.
– Snake? – Where?
– Near you.. Snake… shit! Jug…
No… it’s a snake… S-N-A-K-E. lt seems they will enter
Sokkampatti and kill me… Let me keep running and
escape from them. Hey, he would be here only…
Where did he go away? He came this side only…
where is he? – This seems like magic…
– Hey, he escaped..Somehow, we missed him.Let’s burn this sugarcane field…
Our boss will reward us. You sinners! Looks like they’ll
not leave before killing me. – How can you burn it?
– We don’t have petrol or kerosene… There’s a scarecrow here! Let’s burn it and
throw into the fields. lf l run, they are chasing me to kill… And if l standstill,
they are burning me alive.. How am l going to escape from them? Watch now, how it burns… – Oh my God!
– Don’t leave him… catch him… Only my bottom was free,
they lit fire to it also. Jump down… – Brother, bye..
– Bye, Shanthi..- Bye Vasu… They look like Sakkarapandi’s men… Vasu, what happened? – Vasu, what happened?
– They look like Sakkarapandi’s men… l think they’re following me… Let’s go in. – l’ll definitely play it for you.
– What happened, Vasu?- l’ll tell you… – What’s the problem?
– Swati, come with me… – Go and bring children from the school.
– Okay sir.- Make it fast… – All are at home, aren’t you?
– What’s the matter, dear? Don’t allow any stranger into the home. – l’m on the way to home..
– Velu, what happened? – Where are you?
– We are in Dindugal petrol bunk. – Who is with you?
– All our men are with me only. Velu, why did you bring them
here early from the school? – ls there any problem?
– Nothing to worry.. We got scared.
Okay come and have food. Where is grandma? Did she have food? She has gone to fields…
we have sent food for her. Which field? – Your daughter’s wedding day?
– Coming Tamil month Vaigasi. Don’t take loans. Remind me, l’ll give money
for the marriage. Grandma… No salt in food? Grandma… Give me water… Water… Grandma… Why? Why? Grandma, please forgive me… Grandma… Grandma… Oh my God!
What happened to mother-in-law?What happened to my mother?lt’s our bad luck that we weren’t there… Velu, what happened to my mother? l found her unconscious in the field.AYNGARAN DVD– Which is his home?
– This one. Why did you do like this?
How could you betray them? You can never be happy. Sir, kill me… – Sakkarapandi instigated me.
– Hey, get up.. My grandma wanted to save your life
even from her death bed. How could you poison her? Sakkarapandi has come out on bail. Velu, why are you looking dull? Any death in your home? lt’s your gun only, man. Can you only plan treason? l can also plan it. l stole your gun using your man. lf bad people think they
can eliminate good, Then, no good will live on earth.
God is there… Nothing will happen to my grandma. l used drug case to shut your
college for a day, you wastrel! What are you looking at? You built the college on unauthorized
land…you wastrel! What do you mean? ln 1943, your father Shanmugapandi
bought 22 acres of land, from Ponnusamy Devar
of Vatalagundu. A pond nearby dried off, Your father usurped 43 acres
of lake bed for farming. bribing local officials and
using your power, you constructed the college in 65 acres
that includes lake area too. lt’s your bad time that you built the
college main building in the front yard, and left backyard for playground. College main building stands
on unauthorized land. lf l reveal this to Educational Minister,
Revenue officers and Corporation… in 3 days, they will order
dismantle your college. Your money spinning college
is finished forever. Hey, what are you talking? l sent, vigilance, police,
narcotics, income tax depts., l left out only forest department. They will come to your house tomorrow. lt’s not wrong if we kill 1000 goats… But it’s a crime touch one deer…
You’ve shot it. – Hey, who told you?
– l didn’t say so… Photo on your wall and
your wife’s interview boasts it. Want to see it?
Take a peek… You’ve the photos of animals’
heads, skins and horns, Who is that man posing
with a gun on the tiger? My husband. He is a good hunter. He used to hunt all the
animals in nearby forest. He hunted even monkeys. Last month, while returning from Kodaikanal,
he shot a deer for us. Our favourite dish is deer. lf this interview is telecast on TV,
your entire family will be in jail. You will struggle to answer all
the respective departments, And you will get confused whether
to tell the truth or false… You can neither believe your wife
nor your henchmen. You may get confused and
attempt to commit suicide. You will fail and
hang the man next to you. You will be charged with
murder and go to jail. You will definitely go to jail..
l’ll see it happens. – Give me a day’s time…
– For what? To reform. You bloody, a reformer won’t ask
time for his reformation. Yes Kuzhandai… Velu, one important matter… Sakkarapandi’s men added poison
to grandma’s food. She is on death bed. Only your presence can settle things here. With whom were you talking? – l was talking to Velu..
– Hey, why are you lying? Velu is here, isn’t it? He knows about the matter, doesn’t he? – With whom were you talking?
– Oh my God! – Uncle, l’ll tell you the truth…
– Tell me.. The man here isn’t Velu.
He is Vasu. How dare you do like this? This girl is responsible
for everything…l’ll… Get out of here..
Why are you talking to her? l say get out… You’ve separated this family. You’ve entered like a typhoon
and destroyed our peace. – l’ll…
– Don’t beat him.. – Don’t beat him…
– You go that side…Chase him out… l shouldn’t see his face… Get out of here.. We were very affectionate on Velu..
You spoilt everything! Please mind your words… You would’ve known our pain if you’d
come from a good family? Stop it! What right you have to beat him? – Swati, keep quiet…
– Wait, Vasu… You’re talking highly about Velu.. He is destroying his life
taking to weapons. Did you ever think of his welfare? Swati, listen to me…
control your words.. He is taking all this risk for
the welfare of his brother. Are you throwing him out? He never thought of separating
Velu from this family. Did anyone stop his violent life? lf he was your family member,
you would’ve stopped him. You encouraged him because
he was an adopted son. Who are you to talk about them? What right do you have?
Get out.. Get out of here..
Get lost..This bull is leaving with tears…Affectionate hearts are
in distress…Relationship born out of affection
is withering away…An affectionate heart is broken…A heart of love is broken
into pieces…Why are you crying now? For getting angry on you? What else then? – For questioning my right on you..
– l didn’t mean that way.. Even if they carry weapons,
they are very innocents. l’m not your lover to heed
all your words. Almost your husband. You go to Chennai.
Stay with your parents. lt will be a big problem for us. Boss, it seems till now Vasu was
troubling us in the name of Velu. What’s this new problem? l got doubt when he started using
brain instead of brawn. – Velu brother… – Shanthi..
Have you come? Grandma…Look there..Oh my God! – Come inside, brother…
– l’ve committed a mistake… Come and see grandma… l’ll see grandma after killing Sakkarapandi. Hey, start the vehicle.. Brother… Vasu, we can take an action on Sakkarapandi
with the records we’ve, right? lf l don’t get the mill
no one else should also get it. Time has come for me
to leave this place. l must see his village dead. We have to study carefully his reactions
over my previous actions. Order all the sugar mill workers of
Sokkampatti to come in the 2nd shift. Bomb must go off 10 minutes
after the shift starts. Hearing the blast sound
people run towards the factory, ask our men to enter Velu’s home
and kill anyone they see there. lnform me whatever happens
in the village. Caste may soften the
hearts of our men. Call goons from outside. Please stay here for a day… l can’t wait any more… l’ll go and ask her… Who can dare refuse a mother?
Let’s go, come. Hey Sakkarapandi, where are you? Where is Sakkarapandi? – Where is he?
– l don’t know… How is grandma? Hey Vasu, just now,
l got the information.. Now l’ll show my true identity
and power to you. Every family of Sokkampatti
will mourn a death.But your family is exempted from it.Because no one will be alive to mourn. You’re a great deductive officer, aren’t you? Try to trace out the bomb, go… Vasu, l’m near Sokkampatti village.. Any problem in the village? 2 thieves were arrested from sugar mill
and lodged in Sempatti station. Which place they belong to? They seem to be North lndians.. Do they steal in sugar mill?
Okay, l’ll call you back. What will they steal in sugar mill? – Definitely there won’t be cash.
– Only sugar is there. They would’ve stolen tools and machine.. They needn’t take so risk
for stealing it. l inquired… None from our village went to night shift
and today morning shift. All of them are working on
today 2nd shift only. Why everyone is allotted in one shift? l think this has been done
intentionally to avoid. l don’t think so. l think they’ve intentionally
assembled them together. SP has agreed to it. l think your Chief might’ve talked to SP. You investigate them.. – Are you both North lndians?
– Yes sir. – Your name?
– Chopra. Rakesh. Now tell me the truth… Oh my God!…sir… – Tell me the truth…
– Stop beating me, sir.. l’ll tell the truth… They have planted a bomb
in sugar factory. lmmediately inform the bomb squad.
Come fast… – Velu, one important matter…
– What do you want, man? A bomb is planted in the factory,
all of you please go out. Move quickly…make it fast… Sakkarapandi has planted
a bomb in the factory. All of you come out…
let’s go… Our men are working there…
Let’s go and save them..A bomb has been planted
in factory, come…A bomb has been planted in factory!Let’s go and have a look…Clear out all men. – Hello.- Got to the terrace…
– Why?– You first go… l’ll tell you..
– l’m going… l want our lost son. Please hand him over to us… ln Ramayana, a mother got separated
from her son for 14 years only.. But l… Go upstairs…search everywhere…. l’ll check…and inform… Velu, 2 persons are coming
from Mukkootu street. Keep an eye on all 4 sides… Don’t disconnect the phone line…AYNGARAN DVD– 2 men in Periyakarupan’s house..
– Okay, l’ll take care of them. 2 men are hiding in Amman Kovil street..lt’s on the top of the sacks.– Sir, please hold on…
– Ask all of them to go out… Lift this sack… Vasu dear… Where is Sakkarapandi? He is hiding in Ottanchatiram Rice mill. Why hasn’t the bomb gone off yet? Hey…the time 2:30. So, here you are…come. When l saw dog eating the leftovers outside, l knew there is a dog
inside eat fresh food. Hiding from me! – Velu, listen to me.
– Leave me. No Velu. Listen to me Velu. You’ve rights as his parents. You want him. Take him… lf he sees us, he won’t come with you. So, you take him with you
from the gate. Go. – Got stuck?
– Don’t kill him. He shouldn’t die. Why should l kill him?
He is going to die anyway. No. l will save him. l will tell the cabin to release the lever. But don’t do anything stupid, Velu. To keep the sin of killing you,
God has stuck your leg in rails. God is everywhere. So he’s punishing you
with death on rails. Plants, trees & everything has feelings.
Why didn’t you have any feeling? Don’t expect him to save you. lf the train fails to hit you,
l will kill you. Do you think Sakkarapandi fears death?
l won’t die before making history. The signal is locked. lf l release it, the train will be in danger. lf the train runs over me, the train & the passengers
travelling in it will die. Your community men will be
in that train for sure. That’s enough for me. Bomb can be planted in the village,
in the car, or in house. Do you know where
l’ve planted the bomb? Look. lf you come closer, l’ll press
the button. You must live. l need a witness to talk
about my achievement. You must see them dying. l thought of attacking your house
with this bomb. But the end is here. Thought you don’t belong here,
you are proud of yourself. But l belong to this place, son of this soil,
how proud should l feel? Don’t kill him.AYNGARAN DVD– What happened?
– Nothing. Grandma permitted to take you with us. She returned my son to me. – What do you mean?
– She said this wholeheartedly. She is also a mother.
She knows what is good. Grandma. Grandma. Come out. Uncle. Shanti. Why are you sitting inside?
Come out. Come out. Why are you sending me
out of this home? Uncle, was it your decision? So, you all have made this decision. Everything is over. My parents are important to me.
l don’t deny that. Will you chase me out of this house forever? Okay, l will go.
l will leave this house. But you must look at my face
and tell me to go. Tell me grandma. Tell me. l can’t live without you.
l have no right on you. l can’t go. – Please don’t go.
– No. Mother…no. Let Velu stay here only. lf he had been with us, you could have given only half of your
love & affection to each one of us. But they have given all their
love & affection for Velu. Wherever Velu might be,
he is always your son. No one can change that. But if he comes with you,
he might not be their son. A family can be sacrificed
for a village. A son can be sacrificed
for a family. Please sacrifice your son. Let Velu stay here. Let Velu stay here, father.AYNGARAN DVDDon’t cry. None should cry. When l lost my son, l prayed to God
to return my son to me. After that, l wanted to see
my son atleast once. Later l just wanted to know
that my son is alive. But God has shown me
my son is living like a king. That’s enough.
You love him so much. l am very happy to see that. l lost my son when he was 3 months old and suffered the pain for 27 long years. But you brought him up for 27 years, and if you lose him knowingly,
you will suffer the pain for rest of the life. No. You keep my son with you. Are you telling the truth? My dear!This home has 1000 doors
and it’s a nest of love…They are the roots of banyan tree…
Who is its tap root?Like a hen which broods eggs,
who protects this house?Look at our grandma
who is our family deity…He is lying…
He is spreading a net..We may have a peaceful sleep
with these affectionate tigers…We may become a staircase for
this affectionate family…This home has 1000 doors
and it’s a nest of love…They are the roots of banyan tree…
Who is its tap root?This house looks like
Veerapandiyan’s chariot…They belong to a courageous family…
Who else is here like them?

David Frank