March 28, 2020
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Volleyball Explained: Libero in P5 or P6?

Playing with the libero, respectively with the middle blocker, in position 5 in defense became the norm in international
volleyball. What are the advantages of this system according to Massimo Barbolini – one of the greatest coaches in the volleyball world today. But I think that in 5 is important ’cause also you can attack from 6 with the spiker pipe. But also ’cause with the middle blockers is better to defend in 5 ’cause many middle blockers serve from 5. So in this situation they go directly and what I was doing – don’t tell to my middle blockers. I’m joking. Sometimes when there is a middle blocker, we close a little bit more line and the middle blocker goes for the tip. When there is the libero, we leave more line for the libero in defense – when there is the middle blocker we close a bit more line and the middle blocker goes for the tip. So, it’s not a big problem for me. And also the middle blocker must defense – it’s one ball. She serves and she stays. Maybe two-three – it’s better. It means that we make points. But she has to defense this ball. And I think, in my opinion, it’s more difficult sometimes to choose the position in 6, but not in 5. In 6 you need more ability, more skills – ok, also to understand. Ok, in 5 it’s not easy, you can give some view – if the ball is quick, one against one – it’s a little bit short – if the ball is high, double block, you go a little bit longer. Ok, there is nothing – after it’s difficult – the ball doesn’t arrive here – after you have to move. But it’s more easy – the problem could be on attack from second line, from 2 but as I told you, as idea with the middle blockers we close a little bit more line and less responsibility for the middles.

David Frank