April 7, 2020
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Volleyball Explained: Secrets of Reception (Reading)

[Applause] in the episode secrets of reception basics culture I explained which are the three skills needed for good reception takes a pretty decent system you also need players who are pretty good mechanically at this skill but I think the one thing that you also need is the ability to see and read the game why is the reading of the game so crucial and I think the best passers in the world see the right things off the server’s hand and the hand in relation of the ball much more clearly and quickly than the average passer we have some passers in our gym one of them told me you know cards I don’t have a sense of what the ball is doing or where it’s going until it’s crossing the net that’s a tough way to make a living as a passer if I have no idea what’s happening until the ball is crossing the net 70 75 80 percent of my work done by the time the ball gets to the net that’s the critical third component is reading seeing the game and another way of defining reading in my mind is seeing and recognizing patterns [Music] all of a sudden that pattern tells me the probability is much greater that something’s going to happen it’s not for sure but every tenth of a second that goes by that I see increasing signs of this pattern gives me increasing odds that this play is going to happen which gives me an increasing ability to put myself in the right spot about this a more beginning defenders are still looking at the ball but I take my eyes or or elite athletes take their eyes off the ball and start getting cues critical cues things like shoulder drop things like where are the hitters hips things like where is the ball in relation to the shoulder this way where is the ball in relation to the shoulder this way how is how high did my elbow get up we’re not going systemic one of the ways to get up at about the diversity no significant function without in constant events this is what about the teaching Eponine say we’ve got a couple of serves here just to finish up with this reading thing and these are two straight serves from the same server in the Olympic semifinals and he pummels that thing pretty good Lorin ball chooses to set the middle there on that shirt that was the greatest decision but then we have this serve and it’s an off-speed and he pulls Riley Sullivan to the ground so there’s a difference there I pulled all these clips out they’re not super clear but this is one way to see different things so this is the first serve we saw this is the hard jump spin serve this is the soft jump spin serve I looked at that I’ve been watching the game a while I picked out at least eight different things between one and the other it’s kind of like a Where’s Waldo thing there’s more muscle movement and more explosiveness in this activity then this looser arm of this there’s more shoulder rotation the ball is a little more in front of him here and he’s not looking up as much at the ball body posture is different here straight here another thing is the shoulder is dropped way down here and here the shoulders are more even so if you’re playing a volleyball contest and you see a server or a hitter you don’t need eight things all you need is one or two and now you’re gonna have a jump on the ball by the time he contacts the ball you already know what’s happening [Applause]

David Frank



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