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Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 1

[Applause] the position of the setter in the court determines the relevant rotation in which a volleyball team is when the setter is in position 1 this is a first rotation when the setter is in position 2 second rotation etc the rotation is a significant factor for the organization routine plays when the setter is second line positions five six and one the team has three attackers in front row vice versa when the setter is first line positions two three and four the attackers in front hall are only two the bigger number of attackers in front hall formerly simplifies the organization of the game in attack stage despite of that fact there is a common understanding that rotation one is significantly problematic for certain teams why in every other rotation the opposite attacks to position one or two and the outside hitters to position for in rotation one the situation is upside-down the opposite spikes in four and the outside hitter in position two respectively this is not the most comfortable situation for ball Spikers according to statistics for the side out percentage season 2016 17 of the five best European leagues the percentage in notation one is worse than the average one in Polish and French leagues rotation one is also the worst in terms of efficiency what means can be used to fix the flaws of rotation 1 the answer seems simple using attackers who are in their comfort zone it is not a surprise that several of the best setters used a lot of center piped-in notation one Sergey gankin 42% buna Rezende 42% Micah Kristensen 39% mouths 43% Luciano the Chekhov 38% and the highest percentage of the mall geo slow match 50% this percentage is a proportion of all balls received if we exclude the balls received in a way in which is impossible to organize a middle or pipe attack the percentage will be huge of course this is not a piece of cake but already done the chance for success increases significantly and notation one isn’t a problem anymore [Applause]

David Frank



  1. Bartek Nowak Posted on November 1, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    Do you have that specific data from all rotations?

  2. Michael King Posted on March 26, 2019 at 6:52 am

    You spoke too fast I think because you’re reversing the rotation order. Rotation 1 is setter in position 1, but from there the setter moves to position 6 in the next side out. Making rotation 2 in setter in position 6 and so on. 1 and 4 are the only two rotations where the setter is in corresponding positions.