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Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 3

[Applause] after examining quotation one a notation to in the previous two episodes time has come to look also into attention trade what is happening in notation tree on a volleyball court as the name of the rotation supposes it the setter starts from position trade an outside hitter attacks on position for the opposite make his son from position six in order to spike through back row the middle starts from position 2 and the way in which the set across him defines the organization of the attack the setter can call the middle close to him in front and play with him over him in order to tear up the block another option for tearing up the block is to call the middle with a distance and to play with him or behind with the opposite this rotation is also suitable to call the middle behind the back of the setter in this situation most let us play with the middle or with the opposite since the end blocker of the opponent tries to help and could be laid to block efficiently against the opposite since the setter is first row he is also able to attack from second touch the outside heater in position one if the reception is good or perfect can make a pipe attack in order to counteract efficiently the opponent can try to easily the first or heater by serving him that’s why the liberal often moves in his direction and helps with the reception [Music] the end of fact is that the receiver in position one covers the right half of the court and the liberal almost the whole left half in order to release the key toe in position four from the responsibility to receive since this is a fact it is also possible to attack directly the receiver in position one who should have a bigger space than usual this could force the liberal to make adjustments to his position then the first wall hitter can be attacked again if you like the analysis share it and subscribe to the channel

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