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VOLLEYBALL GAME WITH NO SPIKING!?!? | VTree Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 1

VTree Beach Volleyball Gameplay PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Video Game Gameplay VTree entertainment volleyball No so that doesn’t work right blog get
out successful blog yes Santa is the referee right now
thank you very much Santa look at his face no what the hell is wrong with his
face look at that Elf there are you looking
creepiest ah geez where the hell are we hello and welcome back to yes guy gaming
we’re back and we’re playing a new game so I went and took a look through Steam
and I did this a few years ago that’s how I found volleyball and bound and I
just searched up volleyball and I found a bunch of games so I’m gonna try a few
of them out hopefully well I don’t know I have no idea what to expect so
hopefully this is fun we’ll see what am i playing right now I think this is
called Vitry volleyball what the hell is this game called it’s called Vitry beach
volleyball anyways I haven’t seen this game before I don’t know what to expect
I figured I’d play it we’re trying to play volleyball games on this channel
make this channel the best that it possibly can be and hopefully you guys
are enjoying being a part of this community and trying to make it the best
thank you guys for all the comments and support you haven’t already hit that
subscribe button really appreciate it anyways let’s get
to trying out this game all right we’re starting off on normal let’s not get
carried away here guys like I’m not we’re just learning here okay normal do
they have Canada this is a big deal United States Italy Brazil Thailand they
have US Canada let’s go okay who are we playing who should we play guys troupe
Australia are Mikes from down anda that’s rock rocky Knights choose gender
men women mixed well we’ll start with men comment down below if you ever want
to see me play this game again manehattan wait are these these are real
beaches these are real beaches in the world Brazil that’s that’s downtown Rio
I’ve been there that’s insane alright do they have ass
for just bed that would be insane no beach in Canada are you kidding me game
what are you talking about you went through all the work to make the
Netherlands do all right I have no idea how to play
maybe it’s I don’t know this is all right that’s me the Canadian guys I
didn’t get to choose what my guys look like the might that dirty stache on that
guy oh that’s the match from down on down there looking very similar to us the yes I’m five nice get ready okay I’m
ready again how do I begin
oh okay I see can I move plan set me up
okay he’s like ah shit okay get ready how do I change my whoa that’s Sookie
Jabez convince the simmer what what are these guys doing
right it’s one one what is happening you guys this is insane
begin alright press what okay I think you have to hold the button
to serve Wow this game right now is eating the missus
sir – oh no I got it what I got nutmegged change corn
okay thanks yeah great great will change core change okay let’s go
how do I do this hold it oh yeah yeah what what oh I just blocked it what what
the hell’s going on block that successful ah yes what how do
I set the guy what is this meter on the side is it
that meter right there yeah Oh fully jump sir oh yeah hey boys
quit standing besides you go get it great dating all right what
maybe I gotta use the stick yeah set him up no that’s not what I wanted dig that
great dig just put it over I can’t do anything other than set him oh yeah Joe
meant that yes a spike didn’t do shit yeah set him up never found it I didn’t
mean it pause what oh hey that was weird
count it yes did you see that hit that was going so fast okay what whoa
yep full jump sir smash it can I move yeah there’s a dig set that guy now will
you put that over okay do I use the stick no that doesn’t work
I’m guys it’s one button and the stick carnival yep oh yes
I have no idea how to play this game right now alright let’s go further let’s
see I can set Oh get over yes two guys up in the net
what yep height what the what the hell did I just quit what I just quit the game I did oh my
god what is happening with this game right now this game is made in unity you
guys unity is a game engine that I am familiar with I studied it in school my
job right now I develop a VR game in unity I’m also an expert in volleyball
video games in case you haven’t noticed how does nobody was making a volleyball
video game did yes guy gaming a call a yes guy gaming we’re making a volleyball
video game how would you like to help us out we really appreciate that of course
I love that no no one well fine alright we’re playing as the women now and we’re
at the North Pole it’s the closest thing to Canada i what is up with that woman’s
hair she’s got afro oh my gosh these models right now all right just well we’ll overlook it
will overlook it don’t worry about the character models
yep serve that great serve let’s get two people up to the net yep go get it okay
this button and then this button spike it geez I formation yeah
so that does nothing what is happening okay
whoa this ball animistic completely I am I have no idea how to play this game
right now like is it worth figuring out please go in the net
whoa and she goes in the back corner girls like cool yep set it up that
didn’t work yep oh the short dump what yeah pass it
up what be very careful okay
yeah okay do I press one button only yeah nope that didn’t work okay let’s
just try good timing yeah no that didn’t work let’s try
another button okay this button yep nope
whoa did you see that ball just drop like that okay let’s try this button no
that doesn’t work let’s try this button touch what the hell is going on here
okay let’s just use this button yeah there’s a dump why why does she put it
over on one yeah I cannot spike it for the life of me
what what the hell is going on oh the Cutty bump over get it nice die
put it over just put it over it’s gonna block get a block I’m just oh there’s a
block did I block it I will take it I don’t know what happened hold on size
matters you guys oh my goodness all right here we go
shoot I wanted that perfect serve alright it’s gonna block go to block
it’s get to up with the net yep there’s a dig yeah okay just put it oh I don’t
know how to set the ball up do I got to hold it for a long time no so that
doesn’t work right block get out successful block yes what is this a smash meter on the side
what does that even mean yeah jump sir she just slid back there that was
creepiest ah no not that creepy lucky yes didn’t even give her a chance see at
a third contact but then the net I will take it
Thank You Santa Santa is the referee right now thank you very much Santa look
at his face no what the hell is wrong with his face
look at that elf there he’s looking creepiest ah geez where the hell are we
all right how do I smash it get a block block that
yep okay oh yes that worked I will take it
looking for a win here okay it’s for to my smash meter is full I don’t know what
that means jumps over it over there see if I can
aim oh I can aim oh I thought I was gonna be nice yeah but a deep middle did
not mean to press that yeah thanks for the countdown didn’t need it deep middle
worked yeah that’s that trouble deep it’ll bomb you guys know all about that
that’s killer ever seen 14 you beach volleyball it’s only deep middle bums
here we go let’s rip nice down the middle deep middle Oh lock that yep okay
so so slow-mo short bump yep I got it put me over there
mmm that was about idea okay it’s only two how do they set it up yes they
missed Thank You Santa for the great all Santa Claus change port what is this
game up to right now all right here we go rip that serve superfast gonna block
block that nice bunk technique how do I get them up to block yep
okay what what is that beeping yes successful mom yes this game is like the
opposite of spiked volleyball spike volleyball you can only attack or screw
it up completely this game you can’t attack it’s only free balls great sir by
me that’s whoa great dig let’s press that
button I don’t know what are the buttons you know it’s a walk
Janice is it timing base what is it I’m just pressing one button I have no
idea if that serve let’s go okay just press nothing okay so it has
to do okay so it has to do with the button I am pressing that is a thing
what about this button these bugs drain there’s a buff shortcut II bump look at
how far block that great dig what is going on here you guys geez and what is
this game up to who knows we’re just experiencing it together great buff
great set great hit so maybe there is timing bump it yeah
and set it nope that didn’t work okay yep and pop it and said no that didn’t
work either okay dragon bump it and set it know that
just put it over okay yeah same thing bump it and set it no okay so maybe we
will try something different it’s definitely not that
okay bump it and hold it to set it know that almost scored though bump it and
said no that doesn’t work yes what point you see that rally guys whoo okay not
okay so it’s nine four and we changed court nine four so that’s a total of
thirteen points why we why did we change courts at nine four yeah how do i smash it so that’s where it is an actual button
okay so if I bump it and then I set it yeah that’s a set yes
jun-chan well you see that spike okay I am figuring this game out pound it
wait so that took out my spike meter that’s spike yeah pass it up yeah
perfect and set it up yups now spike it geez
like what was that a hit get it yeah pass it up and set it yeah and hit it
what spike it don’t do that go oh what the D ball is traveling at crazy speeds
right now nice quick spike yeah okay yeah set it spike it early oh oh do I
hold it display get out canada wins this set come on successful block guys guys I’m done I’m so done so that is this game I’m done with the
game if you guys want to see me play this game some more comment down below
hit that like button and if you like this game I mean look at this guy in the
front he looks pretty serious anyways guys that’ll do it for this episode
trying to make this channel the best that it possibly can be love volleyball
I love that you guys love volleyball trying to build that community thank you
to all the support that you’ve shown this channel this series the likes the
comments all the well wishes thank you so much like totally unnecessary but
please keep it coming actually that’s nice
anyways stay focused that’ll do it for this episode if you guys haven’t already
hit that subscribe button maybe share these videos with a friend maybe a
fellow volleyball fan would really really appreciate that trying to grow
the community trying to make this something really special anyways sorry I
gotta stay focused thank you guys for watching we hope to see you next time on
yes guy gaming VTree Beach Volleyball Gameplay PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Beach Volleyball Video Game Gameplay VTree entertainment volleyball

David Frank



  1. Shane Simpson Posted on April 17, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    That game was painful to view.  Try out Super Volley Blast on steam.

  2. Sergiu Tenu Posted on April 17, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    Man , this game is real challenge to play :), but the video was great, i laughed the whole time, was waiting for "garlic butter" hahaha

  3. Corn0li0 Posted on April 18, 2019 at 11:09 am

    What a terrible game! You should Stream a carreer from Beach Spikers on gamecube or emulator, wich is the best beach volleyball game so far. there is also a ps2 game that maybe you don't know : https://www.gamekult.com/jeux/volleyball-challenge-69023/images.html

  4. Ecdreamz Posted on May 25, 2019 at 2:07 am

    I like your content lol. Do u love volleyball!? Just curious. I did in high school so much but we didn’t have a men’s team lol