April 2, 2020
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Volleyball Highlights vs. Hillsdale 8-25

Hillsdale is such a good team and they have so many different weapons. And they attack at a little bit different tempo they’re a little fast in the middle. They like to kind of work to two a little bit on the outside. So it definitely presented different challenges than we saw all weekend. And I thought their serving you know they were really working to place their serve well and to kind of mix up our offense and you know that was something we hadn’t seen. So we really had to I think work hard and feeling like we’re coming from behind in a lot of the rotations. What’s your thought on your guy’s performance tonight? I don’t think this was one of our best games for sure. I am really pleased with the way the team you know just kept grinding it out and worked to find a way to win even though it’s not their normal flow. They just work to find you know ways to create offense and and to dig a few balls here and there. How do you guys plan to prepare for next week’s matches on the road? Well we’re not quite to next week yet we’re kind of a one game at a time team and right now we just need to get some nutrition hydrate get some sleep kind of recover a little bit it was a pretty tough weekend and then we’ll get back in the gym on Monday and see where we have a few weaknesses and start working on those. What was your guys’s main focus going into the fourth set after just losing the third? It’s been a long weekend so we were kind of tired but our main focus was to just play our ball keep pushing and finishing strong. So what is your thoughts on the team’s weekend? Um I thought we played really well I’m excited to get back in the gym with my team and work on a couple things. And how nice is it for you guys to have a tournament at home and how do you think that that home crowd affects you? Oh it was awesome the crowd was amazing thank you to everyone who showed up it helped us a lot. We needed a lot of energy in this heat box and yeah it was just awesome. it was awesome

David Frank