April 6, 2020
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Volleyball Recap: Miami Dade College vs. Eastern Florida State College

Hello, I’m Giovanni Del Fa, staff writer for
the Reporter bringing you tonights post game coverage of the lady sharks versus southern
conference rival, eastern florida state college. Prior to the start of the game, the sharks
were coming in at a record of 6 – 4 while EFSC had a smooth start into the season, having
their record at 11-5 Here we have a nice back and forth rally. EFSC is able to put together a strong play
but Sun wenting pushes the ball over the net, where EFSC is able to save it, letting our
lady sharks execute 3 concise maneuvers. Wenting passes it to Vargas who sets it up
for Matos to get our team the point with a perfect spike helping to end the set 25-13 Now we see a short 5 second rally where MDC
does not take long to elaborate a play for Deborah Constanzo to bring home with a spike
to help win the second set 25-19 Now let’s take a look at Massiel Matos could not be stopped last night,
during the third set she achieved 4 consecutive serving points for our lady sharks, two of
which were serving aces. EFSC was not able to stop any of her consecutive
serves until unfortunately the 5th serve was stopped by the net. Here’s a strong serve from Alexia Sousa
but EFSC took no time in putting it back up and getting ready to spike the ball when Paula
Louro comes through for the team with an amazing block The game ended with the last point coming
from a serve by Alexia Sousa, the serve just barely hit the net which caused it to change
its original trajectory, leaving Eastern Florida State without any time to save it and losing
the 3rd and final set by the biggest score difference in a set this game with 25-11. Overall the MDC Sharks dominated EFSC throughout
the game, leading to the final score of 3-0. MDC now moves up 7-4 while EFSC goes to 11-6 Well thats wrap it up from here, I hope you
enjoyed our post game coverage, Signing off for the Reporter, I’m giovanni del fa

David Frank