April 6, 2020
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  • 6:28 am Quinnipiac men’s lacrosse coach no longer with university following student conduct violations
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Volleyball Season Preview

nine recurring so it’s been kind of a struggle in the beginning First day by our second day third day fourth this day of fall camp everyone’s like kiddies know each other really well We’re spending a lot of time on and off the court which is helping us like bond and the shredder for peace We want to make it to the top of the conference that’s been our goal for the last Couple years we’ve ended like third fourth, so we want to make sure we’re in like top one-two A lot of it just taking care of those things like making sure that we’re keeping our bodies, right? Making sure that We’re taking care of teams that we need to take care of so bottom comments change for me to make sure we’re taking care of Them and not letting any night Definitely chico say that’s our rivals and every time we play them. It’s always really he didn’t match The morale of the team has been very encouraging we’ve been supporting one another the newcomers the freshmen Everybody’s been buying into our culture and has really been like grabbing on to everyone, and it feels like you’re playing together for weeks So it’s nice to have that morale Our team motto right now is energy and being bought in It doesn’t really sound like much but energy helps a lot in Rallies and game play and then being bought into the little things that we practice and we work on every day Personal goal for my senior year would probably be playing the best I can and the hardest I can The last time I get to do it on the court here in California, so I’m really excited for See where the season goes of course we’ve been waiting months all summer for this new gym and it’s Extremely exciting especially being senior year getting to see this brand new floor it starting all hit me right now

David Frank