April 5, 2020
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Volleyball Tips: How To Bump Pass A Volleyball

Hi, I’m Lok-Tin Yao, former collegiate volleyball
player and CoachUp Coach. And this is the bump pass. Effective passing will make the play easier
and allow you to dictate the tempo offensively. For passing, we wanna have a nice solid base.
Alright, we wanna have one foot behind the other, knees slightly bent. And then for our
arms, we wanna have them straight out, about 45 degrees angle away from the chest and then
we wanna overlap our fingers and fold them in. We wanna have our forearms facing out
so that it will contact the ball, so this is where you wanna contact the ball. And then
as we pass, we wanna push the ball with our legs, rather than our arms, so that it’s a
nice, easy pass to target.

David Frank