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Volleyball. Training Video. How to effectively pass.

Hello, with you Vereshagin volleyball player I will tell as it is correct to give in at net In this roller I will show as it is correct to give in from the third number Passing can stand for pass in the third number The third number is in the middle at net Can stand in the second number Also can carry out pass being between the second and third number Every way has advantages and shortcomings In amateur volleyball often passing costs back to net, facing team and executes pass It is wrong Now I will show as the pass when we give in back to net is carried out We try to give pass being back to net Once again I will show There now approximately so I will explain why it is wrong We have uncoordinated, not synchronous work of hands And we do not see where we give in Pass accuracy low and we do not see what is done by the rival And now I will show as it is necessary to execute pass correctly Correctly pass is executed by side to net Advantages when we stand sideways to net The first. When we carry out sideways to net we see opposing team arrangement We see who where on secure and whom where is not present The second. Our hands work synchronously That is, when we execute pass so, we have not synchronous work of hands When we execute pass side to net at us synchronous work of hands. There is our pass Hands work synchronously. Further. If to us have accepted ball highly and close to net. And from that party there is blocking and does us “roof” When we stand sideways to net, we can for the command easily gain point That is them blocking transfers hands through net We make pass directly to it in hands It will be our second pass, the rival will have “others” ball We for team will gain at once point Let’s allow so it will be And it has block Then the advantageous point is set off to us If we would stand back to net we did not see blocking and it would be difficult to us to make it When we execute pass side to net we see reference point where we will give in. The edge of net is our reference point when we see reference point, then we can execute pass more precisely When we carry out back to net, then we only out of the corner of the eye see where we give in or we do not see at all When to us the ball which is not finished to give in from above flies, we give in from below I will show as we execute pass from below when we are sideways to net If we stood back to net, then we had to execute pass here so It is very difficult to execute it also very not exact pass Further. Standing sideways to net we see movement blocking And if we allow have seen that the central blocking is late to come to the block We execute pass and our forward remains against one blocking That is we have vision of provision of blocking Standing back to net we do not see it Standing sideways to net we see where are blocking the rival Still advantage. We can accept at high passes in jump And to execute or discount or to give pass Standing back to net it effectively not to make. It it will not be able to see. It will be so able to see. We show that we make pass to the forward, and for back of blocking we throw off ball Therefore carry out pass standing sideways to net We carry out pass so Or we give in so Still we can execute pass for back Being sideways to net you do pass, more effective, exact and unexpected for the rival The pass, as volleyball players speak, is carried out since the beginning by legs What means. That is you have to run up standing since the beginning under ball, and then do pass On youtube you can watch on my channel as it is correct to execute the top pass And as it is correct to execute pass from below If when performing pass the ball to you flies low And you have opportunity to execute from above pass at the same time to sit down under ball Or to execute pass from below Always try to carry out pass from above Because at pass from above you will have better pass Brushes are more perfect when we make pass from above than if we beat off from below forearm And when performing pass try to accept ball so what you could do pass forward and back That is you can do two different passes Now I will show pass forward and back It is pass forward And this pass back That is you accept ball so you can execute pass forward and back If you low accept ball, at breast, in this situation Then you will be able to do pass only forward And it will be simpler to rival to understand where there will be pass And it is simpler to be prepared: to execute the block and other protective actions And if you accept here That you can do pass forward, and also execute pass back And then at you variability of pass turns out It becomes more unexpected for the rival Task passing (binding) to execute pass so that it was convenient to your forward For this purpose you have to know what blows the forward is able to carry out From high, average or low passes Lefthander it or right-handed person That is you have to know the forward well The second task binding to bring the forward to the single block Ideally in general without block You have to use all width of net To use the hidden maneuvers That the opponent could not carry out the group block Still task binding to make pass unexpected for the rival If for rivals your actions are predictable Everything clearly and simply Let’s allow to you give high pass You have turned, forward have executed high pass to the forward It carries out attack That the group block is already ready The rival’s defenders already stand on the places. All know what to do. And it will be simpler to rival to accept to accept your attacking blow and to hammer to you. And if you do pass unexpected for the rival That is they will not know where the pass will go Let’s allow you show that you will give in forward, and you execute pass back Blok is not in time, defenders on the places are not in time And then you gain point In volleyball: To surprise the rival – it means to Win against the rival You have to hide the actions to the last Let’s allow you show that you execute pass, and you do discount at the last sec Or you want to do pass forward, stand and you show till the last moment And you have choice: or forward either to give discount or to do pass back That is you have to act always unexpectedly for the rival Efficiency of pass is carried out because we complicate actions to the rival And to create optimum conditions to the forward It is carried out at the expense of what We use all width of net, from edge and to edge The second. We use different passes That is we can do long ball And short If we act on one template, that is the same height of pass The rival gets used to it and adapts Everything occurs in the same rhythm That it was not, we make different passes We can do pass also on edge of net high Let’s allow high I make pass And we can make it average height, more high-speed We change pass height Still, to complicate to the opponent protection, we play combinations Simple combination. It at you two forwards. The first forward jumps out the first speed On high-speed, low ball lifts the block. The central blocking has to jump on him if he does not jump, that the forward beats without block The central blocking jumps, and we make pass to the fourth number That is we have choice to give pass to the player in the third number or in the fourth And then, at the expense of combination, at us the player of the fourth number or the third turns out Remains with the single block or in general without block Now I will show one of receptions of passing. Is called: discount between the first and second number As it is carried out The first number of the rival carries out serve Our team carries out reception What is going on. The first number it does not manage to return from serve yet It just begins the movement And if his partners do not carry out secure The player in the sixth number had to insure If it does not secure We have here forward who poses threat The blocking, second number costs at net. That is blocking costs here I show where blocking is The first number just goes on the place We throw off ball here in this zone, for back to blocking But we that it was effective, have to mask to the last the actions Our forward has to pose threat If the forward at us here weak also does not pose threat Blocking the net will not have that here All attention has to be concentrated to be on our forward We to the last show that we will do it pass And at the last minute we will give sharp discount between blocking and giving And very often as a result of it we gain point But it should be done, the most important, is unexpected for the rival That is several times we carried out pass, and then have unexpectedly given discount Quality of reception has to be rather good that we could execute pass If quality of reception low, then we do not do this discount And besides advantage, what we cost sideways to net We see situation and giving and insuring and blocking Now I will show as the discount is carried out We have to send to this zone ball approximately Sharply and unexpectedly for the rival And at this time our forward is going to execute the attacking blow He thinks that he will carry out the attacking blow And all attention is directed to the forward If you make it unexpectedly, then in most cases, you or will gain at once point Or, to the opponent if to accept this ball, then to the first number only in falling it will be able to get ball What to execute extremely difficult If you rather well own the second pass That execute pass from above in jump At the expense of it you will have pass To reach the forward quicker That is pass will go not from here, it will go from above Now I will show as it looks We carry out prize on time And the second. We can make when we give in being on arrangement at net. We can perform deceptive operation We jump out and or we do discount or attack Or we carry out pass At the rival the dilemma turns out: or to block us, if does not block we carry out discount or attack dangerous to it Or, if the opponent blocks us then our forward remains with one block Our task to the last to hide the intentions. We have jumped out All the time we look, we look at the rival, we look at our forward Also we solve: or to us to execute discount or the attacking blow or to execute pass I said that in each number there are advantages. When you the right-handed person also give in from the third number You can execute, at sufficient quality of pass, the blow at once attacking

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