March 30, 2020
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VOLLEYBALL TRY OUTS (11.14.15 – Day 1323) |

– Good morning, clan. Welcome to Saturday. Up and at it early, heading
to Sierra’s volleyball game, bright and early. Hey, Bryce. How’s it goin’, man? – Good. – Nitro Circus was good, huh? Got a little vlogger here. – I vlogged on my iPod. – He vlogged on his iPod, yeah, he did really good, too. You got a lotta clips. Unfortunately, his iPod
doesn’t take great video, but it worked, right? You saw it in the vlog. It worked out, we at least
got to see what he saw, and experience what he experienced, you could see his excitement and stuff, so hey, good job, man. – I didn’t get all of it– – No, you weren’t
supposed to get all of it. You did perfect. You did perfect, man. Knuckles. (gym noises) – [Dad] Yeah! Good job! Hit it, hit it, hit it,
there you go! There you go! Wooooo! 24-24, game point. Here we go. There you go, there you go. Yeah! – What a game! – So I guess you always win by two here, but normally you do. – [Dad] So, 25-24, purple wins? – Yep, purple wins. – [Dad] How many matches
did they win, Bryce? – Three. – [Dad] They won all three matches? – That was a good game. – [Dad] As opposed to
what they did last week? – They lost all three. – [Dad] Yeah. – So, it was 24-21, but then they just kept on
scoring points and they got 25. – That’s how it works. You keep scoring points, you win. Hello there, chica. – Hello. – [Dad] How was volleyball? – Good. – [Dad] You feel good? – Yep. – [Dad] Yeah? You had some good serves? – Mm-hm. – [Dad] You have a game-winning serve? – Yeah. – [Dad] That’s pretty awesome. I guess it wasn’t really
game-winning, it was match-winning. – Yeah, ’cause, like– – [Dad] ‘Cause technically,
you already won the game, you won the first two. Oh! – [Server] It’s gonna be really hot. – [Dad] Mm-azing. – [Waiter] All right,
so here’s the honey– – [Dad] Just thrown it down. – [Waiter] and the barbecue hot– – [Dad] Thank you very much, sir. That is a big pizza, Bryce. Think you can handle all that, Bryce? – Those are mine. – [Sierra] I only want wings. – [Dad] Yep, it’s a family feast. – Wait, wait, I wanna count, okay? – One, two, three, four, five
six, seven, eight, nine– – I was. – All right, guys, on
our way to round two, sports, dual sports Saturdays. Sierra’s done with her
volleyball and now it’s time for Bryce’s baseball game. I’m super excited, ’cause I
missed his first game last week when I was in California with my dad, so I’m excited to watch him
pitch and actually watch the team play that, you know,
I helped coach twice a week. Sierra’s all geared up
for volleyball tryouts. You excited? – Mm-hm. – [Dad] Woo! Yeah! – [Child] One more, Austin! – [Dad] Awww! Aaaawwwwww! There you go! There you go! Good pitch! Holy crap, you guys. What an amazing baseball game
by this little guy right here. This guy specifically, but
the whole team did great. We had just about every kid hit a ball, I think we maybe had only,
like, two strikeouts– – I got hit. – Bryce got beamed, that was
the last clip you guys saw, he got beamed in the back. He had two strikeouts, two walks? – [Bryce] Yeah. – And a pop fly that went
right at him and he caught it, so he got an out pop
fly, and then we got one, did you have one hit? I
don’t think he had any hits, I don’t think he had any hits. – [Bryce] No. – He had two outs, two walks, the pop fly, so, man, great game, dude. Great game. So, now we’re headed,
actually, across the street, that’s where Sierra’s tryouts are at, to go watch her play some
volleyball and root her on, and hopefully end today
on a high note with her joining the club volleyball team. (gym noises) All right, so, Tiffany’s been here at the volleyball tryouts for, three hours? – Three hours, yep. – Three hours, and they’re basically done. All the coaches are
back from their pow-wow, they all have papers in
their hands because they’re getting ready to announce the teams, and if you’re on the team, (snaps) you start the paperwork right now, get fitted for your outfit and everything. – Cross your fingers that
Sierra makes the team. – We’ll find out right now. They posted the team rosters on the wall, so the girls are going to look to see if they’re on the list, and
we’ll know by Sierra’s reaction if she’s on the list. – [Bryce] Where is Sierra? – [Dad] Over there in the corner. – [Bryce] Oh. – [Tiffany] She wanted
to tell us somethin’. – [Dad] Oh, she’s sitting down, that’s a good thing. So, so, what, what, what, what? – I made the team! – [Dad] Which team? – It’s a 13-year-old team, Snipers. – [Dad] It’s Snipers? You
just shot me in the face! – Tell ’em the name of your team. – I just said it, Snipers. – [Dad] The Snipers. That’s the 13s? – There’s 13 teams and 14 teams. – [Dad] Wait, wait, how old are you? – Ten. ‘Cause there’s only
13 teams and 14 teams. – [Dad] But you must
be good enough to play with 13 year olds. – Well, I was youngest. – [Tiffany] Daddy’s trying
to make you feel good. – [Dad] Tryin’ on jerseys? That your size? – [Bryce] Your team’s not Venom. – I know. – [Dad] It’s just a try-on jersey. That’s not too tight, Tiff? – [Tiffany] I think they’re
tryin’ to find you a Large. – [Dad] That’s a Medium? – Youth Medium. – [Dad] That feel okay? – Yep. – [Dad] Lift your arms up. Put your arms in front of you. That feel good? There’s
no bunching right here? – No. – [Dad] Right there? Right there? – No. – [Dad] Are you excited? – Yes! – [Dad] You made the team! – I’m very excited. I don’t– – [Dad] 13 year olds, huh? – Yeah. – [Dad] So, there’s 13
year olds, 12 year olds, probably some 11 year olds, right? – Yeah. – [Dad] It’s pretty much
the young kids’ team. – On my team, yeah. – [Dad] Well, as the season goes on, we’ll kind of figure out the age groups, but you’re probably definitely
one of the youngest. So, it’s Saturday night,
it’s about 7:00 p.m., we’re all said and done
with all our stuff, but we kinda decided
to go out and celebrate because it’s a big deal. It’s
a club team, it’s competitive, and really, this is
the start of, you know, as long as we love
everything about this club, and we love the coaches and
the players and team and all that stuff, this is the
start of her volleyball career, because there’s teams all
the way up to 18 years old, so Sierra could be playing
in this club for, you know, almost a decade, really. She’s gonna be 11 this year,
they go all the way up to 18 years old, like, you
know, she’d be playing for seven years. So we’re gonna head over
to Red Embers for a drink and a couple appetizers,
’cause Sierra’s starving, and we’re gonna celebrate. Yea! All right, so here’s to Sierra
making the club team. Woo! Congratulations, chica. – [Bryce] Do it again,
we didn’t hear anything. (laughs) – [Dad] And dinner is served. We got the inside-out tamales,
my new favorite dish here. We got the avocado rolls, and of course, Sierra’ pork nachos. All right, kids, so a
heck of a day of sports. Bryce killed it on the
pitcher’s mound today, Sierra did awesome in her volleyball game, and then equally as
awesome in her tryouts. – She made the team! – [Dad] She made the team, so we’re gonna be pretty
busy the next eight months, because that’s how long her
club volleyball season is, and Bryce will continue to play– – Sports. – sports year-round,
so, we’re pretty much– – Unless I just think
of a sport to just play. – [Dad] You mean one sport? – (both kids) Yeah, one sport. – [Dad] But either way,
you’d be playing that one sport year-round, or for eight months. – Oh, yeah. – [Dad] Yeah, so, we’re gonna
be pretty busy, for sure. Good job, guys. Gimme five. Woo! We’re ready to go, guys,
that’s our Saturday, hope you enjoyed it, hope you had an awesome one as well. As always, tap the eye in the sky for last three years’ videos, link’s
down in the description below, check those out. Tomorrow’s Sunday Funday,
we’re heading to PIR, Phoenix International
Raceway, to watch NASCAR, hang out with the Swags,
the Bevos, Meemaw and Papa and the trailers and whatnot. Unfortunately, we weren’t able
to get a spot for our trailer so we’re just gonna be
hanging out with them for the duration of the day,
and then we’ll come back home in the evening to watch
the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday Night Football. – Who are they playing? Seattle? – Seahawks, yeah, it’s
gonna be a good game. I’m super excited, division rivals, baby. So, stay tuned, check
back tomorrow for that, and we’ll see you then. Vlog on! – Mini hand. – Mini hand.

David Frank