April 6, 2020
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Volleyball vs. Purdue Northwest Highlights

Purdue Northwest had a pretty strong
defense tonight what was your guys game plan to work around that and get
the win I thought Purdue I mean they’re just
such a scrappy team and they play with such great energy that you mean you kind
of have to always be just overcoming that energy factor and the fact that
they may not be in system all the time
but they’re always gonna work hard to get the ball back over the net so we
were just really trying to stay focused on seeing what was happening over there
and being in our position ready to play the ball and what made the big
difference for you guys during the third set to be able to pull such a big lead I
thought our serving just kind of kicked in we missed a bunch of serves early in
the match and you know it’s kind of hard to go on runs when you miss serves so
when we got our serving a little more in groove I thought that really made a
difference in the third set I thought Maeve did a great job moving the ball
around tonight she really distributed it well and tried to get you know a little
bit more flow into our offense I thought that was fantastic and I thought our
middles did a great job they have a really aggressive block in the middle
and they had our middles had to kind of adjust a little bit and swinging around
that and I thought they did a great job with that

David Frank