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WAITED 30 MINUTES FOR THIS!? | Spike Volleyball Friendly Multiplayer Episode 2

*Spike Volleyball Online Multiplayer PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game Multiplayer Spike Volleyball FIVB* did you see that I got that point that’s
insane hello and welcome back to yes guy game
it we’re back playing spike volleyball and I just left this running for like an
hour and it hooked me up with a friendly match finally this is insane by my okay
let’s go Cousy act 200 if you follow the channel
nice hopefully this works that blue bread start really dude oh you
know I’m bouncing it what the hell is going on on shook that this actually
work I seriously left this running for like 30 minutes looking for a match and
I found one this guy another necklace for oh my gosh this guy must be
experienced at the net flippers I got to get my shit together he knows how to get
it every time but that set up there bounce it let’s go come on I’ve know how
to play this game all right down that deep corner alright where’s he going Yahtzee bounce the middle smart buy him
how did he pass well dang it this guy’s good
and now I’ve got really giving a net flip or every time dude
that’s uh not even fair all right I gotta catch my breath catch
my breath I gotta figure out how to pass because it’s just not working right now
I’m gonna figure it out a pass this is crazy right now pass there we go
set that guy if he’s watch the channel he knows where I’m going but he hasn’t
yes it’s a balance come on let’s go all right I’ll try to rip a serve of my own
it’s probably not gonna work what like the timing is so stupid I
can’t dig anything is it just me is it this guy yeah run middle up Oh we dug it
really what where’s my block where they want to top of each other this is insane
right now the hell’s going on you know where I’m going that guy should know
where I’m going to because I’m up for Brightside bound who’s he act 200 if you
don’t follow Channel or if you follow the channel show me out you’re kicking
my ass right now okay so he’s out so he’s probably going middle what got it
right through the block I guess I do that all the time against the computer
but like I had a triple block there what oh he’s doing those aces against man
this guy’s good and this is terrible yeah that’s the middle balance I got a
side out need a couple of net flippers to see if I serve the front row left
side he has to set middle pretty much out this guy gets an ace and I crushed
her to balance his accuracy is a hundred percent it’s got ten perfect serves what
the hell man how does this guy it’s got a great internet connection or something
it’s a stupid Wow did you see that I got that point that’s
insane get that deep corner get lucky I need an ace Johnson yes da is gone in
that deep corner buddy there’s maybe nothing he can do about this and vice
versa to me as well yes another ace come on if this keeps working there’s like
nothing you can actually do go in get lucky just get lucky Jeff another race come on
exploit what a shit game right now but I’m coming back come on keep it up damn it that was less
aggressive you got that one hey watch the middle you just can’t dig like you
can’t make it how is he making a digging ah I’m not making a ding this is so down
gosh I dug that serve too there we go yeah right middle all day baby yes nice all right that same serve go
for it tie it up nah she’s all over it no
middle maybe we’ll make a dig here yeah there’s a dig you know who we’re setting
I don’t sit down the middle yes Whiteside come on
tied it out it that deep serve this is sick I’ve tied it up ok I’m learning
it’s just ace be cheap as possible they need to patch this right now this
multiplayer is not fair Oh terrible ok watch yeah set right side you know
what’s coming now does he not know I’m just gonna set right side every time you
should have been scouting me watching my videos yes here we go
that same sir down that line deep corner gosh she’s on it you know he’s sitting
out there gee Alec there’s no there’s no blocking I didn’t block there’s no
blocking anything you just got to get aces pass up gosh getting a net foot
Branca man would be a good thing for me to learn how to do because he’s this
guy’s pretty good at that yup still got it though set right side
Josh come on all right for the win down the line this guy’s got a good serve get
lucky oh yes come on first that win let’s go yes oh my god I
need to take a drink size matters oh my god I honestly waited like I wasn’t
waiting I was just kind of fooling around on my phone like looking up
YouTube videos and I left this running and it gave me a match after like 30
minutes plus insane they serve that down the line does it
work all sorts of trouble well setting that guy no chance to make a dig none
zero whatsoever I got to get a block that’s what’s got to happen yeah set the
middle guy they’ll bounce it okay there’s no chance gosh this guy burns
the server seems to have advantage kind of yes he missed come on
huge break oh shit not good night whoa looper okay where’s he going with
it oh oh I thought I got a successful block there that’s the only way I’m
gonna make plays on defense aces and successful blocks yes it’s at the right
side guy how are they not keying over on the right side guy like what are you
doing you know I’m setting him every time alright that was a really aggressive
serve down the sidelines okay yeah so it’s just not possible to dig it I
guess so I’ve got to get a block involved there’s what’s got to happen
he’s sitting left side guy a lot so I got to be ready for that I’m sitting
right side guy a lot and he’s not adjusting at all I’m just bouncing down
the middle – lets go okay where’s their setter so he’s in the front hit this
down the line there yeah for sure yes come on a nice cheap as ba yeah perfect
serve in that corner give me another ace okay
he’s likes the left saucy ball what how did I did that this is so stupid
let’s go stay tough here we go I hoped good thing I left that yes come
on this rotation here whoa this guy’s got a wicked serve Smith oh he missed
dang it here we go I’ve got to get out of this
rotation need a good pass yes set the middle guy and he’ll tip it short whoa yeah okay okay Wow this multiplayer game
is really bad right now yep got it set the C ball hit it deep there yes so that
works that works too I’m gonna set the C ball every time now down the line there
hit that ace I need an ace to come back in this game Johnson Oh again oh my gosh
geez all right stay tough what I hit the button this is ridiculous there we go
set middle yeah so bounce come on let’s go the team is fired up I need a point
server it way over to that guy mean what might not expect it and I’ll stock up on
the outside guy oh yeah come on he didn’t expect it let’s see if he can
expect it again Oh net flipper successful walk yes come on that’s
double he’s hating this right now I’ve tied it up let’s go serve it over to
that guy net flipper yes come on ace Wow what size matters
I am intense all right let’s go stay with it
same sir absolutely the same serve at that guy
look for the net flipper what I missed this game right now is jerky as f it
just missed it completely okay down the line here here’s the opportunity Roy you
got the wicked syrup out it I own again how many times are gonna miss out the
back that’s ridiculous yes that’s the right side guy however
you not stacked up against me out there that’s my only guy I’m setting they
where they okay hit it down the line please don’t go out the back this time
like all sorts of trouble yeah no chance of digging it ever I haven’t seen like a
single dig in this game none it’s 12:12 stay focused
yeah you know where it’s going where is he going with that like he’s protecting
millon I’m just bouncing it he’s like stacking triple on the middle guy every
time all right here’s the rotation yep leblanc down that line find the corner
okay they’re going outside for sure no I got a successful blog but he
covered it up and founded it what I’ve never seen that happen yes what the hell
what’s going on what the hell was that I missed the ball completely
all right side oh it’s close game big side out yes run the middle what did you see that it screwed up
completely geez all right here we go this games only 2/5
or something I think go OD miss Jess come on huge start Roy’s gonna rip us
serve over there hopefully get a net flipper another miss by me what look you
this is this is disgusting what this is a joke okay
fight it off beat sheep come on make a good set yes let’s go huge break huge
break come on throw this guy down the line oh please go and get lucky Billy oh
okay what how did I not dig that this is
insane sideout yes set the right side guy as always woman what is this
opponent doing who’s the AK 200 you’re gonna figure it
out buddy rip this serve Leblanc okay where’s it going what I guess there
was a big hole in the block okay I need this side out need this side out what’s
this game up to I don’t even know here we go set the middle guy huge yes
huge hit hello my goodness okay I need that a so
I got to be a little bit aggressive no no I should just go for the ACE and I
think why does it go to bounds like that though like every time I’ve missed like
the net last 5 out of balance what’s happening there whoa we made it dig how
gosh this is so frustrating alright guys well that’s gonna do it for
this episode I am wow that was really fast it was over quickly through three
set match I fought hard you guys I fought so freaking hard for that
oh the game I don’t like I wonder what that what that person is experiencing on
their end like is it as screwed up as mine is like I got a bunch of aces in
that first set and I’m doing the same thing and then it’s it’s 2 and 3 I just
miss out the back every time there’s there’s no chance to make any digs and
even on some of the easy ones it just scored like I like I’m not like the
timing is just so unclear and so random it seems because that click that you
experienced in the offline mode is real in the online mode because it’s got a
send info back and forth maybe maybe it’s like a peer-to-peer hosting system
and so like they were the hosts so was going a lot better for them and I was I
was the client and it wasn’t going well for me I don’t know you guys I don’t
know but all I do know is that that yes I’m better because I lost but that
gameplay is also just disgusting Wow how frustrating is that it’s like
it’s good enough to be playable but it’s so bad that like you got to wait 30
minutes to connect on a match 30 plus minutes I name in time that I was like I
was doing other things I had lunch like it was like ahh and then you get in the
game and things work enough you can bounce but there’s like no way to track
who’s getting the attack there’s no realistic you just kind of hold four
aces net flippers and hope the other guy makes mistakes
ah anyways thank you guys for watching I hope that video was entertaining I hope
when I watch it back it was a lot it’s a lot more fun to watch than it was when I
was playing man I blacked out for a second it was so quick was like a panic
to get the thank you guys so much for the support
you’ve shown to despite volleyball to the serious – yes guy gaming that means
a lot to me I really appreciated all the hardcore USA fans out there who comment
on the videos and watch every video as soon as it comes out I’m super thankful
for that thank you guys so much and I’m just trying to hope to make this channel
the best thing that it possibly can be and and I need your guy’s help to do
that so if you have any friends or in a bit of any of the volleyball fans who
haven’t heard of this game or this channel would really appreciate it share
it let them know about it I mean I would appreciate that no
pressure though but trying to make this the best most fun community around some
of these volleyball and other sports games that it can possibly be and
hopefully inspire others to do the same so that’s that’s that’s my goal anyways
and you guys are helping me help me achieve that so thank you so much I hope
to see you next time on yes guy gaming *Spike Volleyball Online Multiplayer PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Volleyball Video Game Multiplayer Spike Volleyball FIVB*

David Frank



  1. LNCM Banks Posted on May 7, 2019 at 6:30 pm

    First comment 🙂

  2. Leo Roger Posted on May 7, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    The net flippers have been there since the game came out. It has never been fixed

  3. LNCM Banks Posted on May 7, 2019 at 6:34 pm

    Maybe theres some 'set up" to change things when u play multiplayers online

  4. Anh Nguyen Posted on May 7, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Hahah.love ur reactions.loo

  5. Sergiu Tenu Posted on May 7, 2019 at 6:57 pm

    10:57 dude, i actually jumped update a little and shouted "yesss" ))))

  6. soy miguelito Posted on May 7, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    You really made me laugh you're in your game. Hello from paris

  7. FELIX1970 Posted on May 7, 2019 at 7:40 pm

    Unfortunately a lot of bugs, but a nice match, much more challenging than playing against CPU. Regards from Brazil…

  8. Polska722 Posted on May 7, 2019 at 8:50 pm

    Gotta love the 4 aces in a row to the corner.

  9. The Nerd Posted on May 8, 2019 at 12:00 am

    Yo I will play you on PS4 if your up for the challenge. And if the game doesn’t want to glitch every where.

  10. David Gz Posted on May 8, 2019 at 5:19 am

    Do you play Volleyball?

  11. Donovan Seah Posted on May 8, 2019 at 3:21 pm

    You should stream more multiplayer games dude !

  12. Mateusz Parfienczyk Posted on May 9, 2019 at 6:00 am

    You play Volleyball Manager on PC?

  13. Shi Daniel Posted on May 9, 2019 at 10:41 am

    the first set was so dramatic…..unfortunately the "go cheap" strategy wasn't sustainable…lol

  14. Zach Lucero Posted on May 12, 2019 at 5:39 am

    You should post a real life volleyball video! Set up your camera next time you play so we can see some real life net flippers and bounces!

  15. Shi Daniel Posted on July 18, 2019 at 12:05 am

    hihi, how long did it take for the match to start after you being matched with an online opponent? thx!! trying to connect with a friend here but it takes forever to begin…:((((