September 23, 2019
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Women’s Club Lacrosse at Carleton

(upbeat music) – So this is Women’s Club
Lacrosse at Carleton. We are practicing one of our
two practices out of the week. Our season’s been pretty awesome. We won a whole bunch of our games. We’re getting ready
for playoffs right now. We have playoffs in a couple of weeks. At practice we try to focus
a lot on technical skills and then later in the season or later in the winter, while we’re doing a lot of
our practices as a full team, we try to get team
dynamics going really well. So doing drills that involve
a lot of people at once. And we’re about to go ahead and do just like a little scrimmage. For me, the coolest thing
about Women’s Lacrosse is like honestly getting
to be with these girls the whole winter and the whole spring. I love being part of the team. It’s awesome. – [Team Member] Everyone. What time is it? – [Team] Knight time!

David Frank