April 8, 2020
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WOMEN’S LACROSSE – Louisville Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] That’s a great side-arm shot
by number 25, Sammy Mueller, to put Virginia on
the scoreboard first, and they go up 1-0,
with 27:04 on the clock. Number 14, Maggie
Jackson driving a cage on the right side. And goal by number
8 from Virginia, Angie Loynaz, just out
of seven, ripping it low and getting it past Lexi Ball. Oh, wow. Number 2, Kasey Behr, coming
into the middle of the fan and ripping it straight
past Lexi Ball. So much power and
accuracy on that shot. And Virginia ties it up. Angles for Virginia, so far. Virginia’s still Man Up. Number 8, Angie
Loynaz is pumping it into number 25, Sammy Mueller. And number 8, Angie
Loynaz was able to get it past Lexi Ball, taking on
three Louisville defenders, and just ripping it from
the seven, yet again. And number 8 for
Virginia, Angie Loynaz. She’s had a really
huge game today. She’s just ripping
the ball from outside. Yeah, and I think
where they’ve made up for it has been on takeaways. Virginia, there,
with the quick finish and score to retain possession
on the offensive end. Cut inside, and goal,
scored by Virginia’s number 34, Ana Hagerup. 34, again. And yet again, number 8
from Virginia, Angie Loynaz, just ripping the ball past Lexi
Ball and the Louisville cage. Big possession,
defensively, for Louisville if they’re able to
get a stop here, and that’s not the case after
the feed by Sammy Mueller. Sammy Mueller, on the
right side, and Jackson, back again in the middle,
with a shot and a score past Lexi Ball. Virginia, right now, just able
to move the ball so quickly. Feet in the middle and fed
into number 17 for Virginia, Daniela Kelly. And number 34 from
Virginia, Ana Hagerup, again, rolling around
that right crease.

David Frank