April 4, 2020
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WOMEN’S LACROSSE: Notre Dame Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] Mueller forced
into a ground ball. Now Mueller with an avenue
to attack Giacolone. And she ties the game at 1. Sammy Mueller, as
bullish as ever. It connects wonderfully
with Molly Carr. Quick ball movement, empty net. My goodness, Charlie
Campbell made that save. Quick passing. Mueller polishes it off. Wide open. Best possession we’ve
seen from Virginia. Shoemaker, works her way
in front of the goal. And she is here for
the second half again. Safe to say, the
second half is going to be what will decide
the winner of this game. Sharp passing. Jackson swats one home. Far side, Maggie Jackson. And that was a tight
window, to say the least. Hannah Proctor, the one
that went to the ground off Mueller’s challenge. Quick in front. Nora Bowen puts
Virginia in front. Top shelf again. Shoemaker flashed Maggie Jackson
over the top of Giacolone. And Virginia is doing
it again, humming to start the second half
with a two-goal lead. [INAUDIBLE] but just
kept on running. Sammy Mueller,
back in the middle, shovels it into the goal. 9-9. The shovel shots are
working for Virginia. Inside the final two
minutes, is it Carr? No, it’s Aldave. it’s Andie Aldave. 10-9, Notre Dame. Fighting Irish, well backed in. There is plenty of time. Maggie Jackson, hit the post. It hit the post. Ball’s free. And it bounces to Giacolone.

David Frank