February 21, 2020
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Women’s Lacrosse Takes Home Two Major MAAC Awards

I’m really honored to get it this year
honestly. I mean it was really tight this year with all these teams having the
same MAAC record in the room. So, I’m really honored to get the award and I
really thank my fellow coaches for voting the way they did. Honestly I
really have to give a lot of credit to my assistants, they’ve done a really good
job this year. I’ve never once had to ask them or remind them why we’re here,
what we’re trying to do or what our main goal is. It really is Nicole and
Kristin who have done a really great job for us this year and of course the team.
I mean, they’re the ones that put in the work every every day. I’m really proud
of them and it’s just a really big honor to get that award. Delaney has done
fabulous job for us this year. She’s a really strong minded freshman. She’s done
a really good job between the pipes for us and she just brings an energy for our
defense that’s unlike anything else. I’m really proud of her, I know she’s
worked really hard for it. I think it’s gonna do great things for us going
forward. I was injured all fall, so coming back right before our first game I knew
I had to put in a lot of hard work just to get caught up and get the connection
with the team that I did. I want to shout out my overall team and coaches, but most
importantly my defense because I couldn’t do what I do without them so
they really got me here and I’m so thankful that them. Goalkeeper of the
year is a huge award. That position is a very special position and I think
that having our team recognize that we have the best in the conference and
we’ll hopefully give them even more confidence going into these couple games
coming up.

David Frank