April 4, 2020
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Women’s Tennis vs William Smith 3 25 17

Horace Choy: I thought the women fight very well today as the family day senior day we Horace: got a big win from Lila and both singles and doubles that was very nice for her Horace: as our graduating senior. It was a nice bounce back win for us with a tough Horace: match against the University of
California at Northridge just yesterday and Horace: then we have another tough match against University Rochester tomorrow so I hope Horace: the women continue play well. Rupa Ganesh: For today’s matches we all Rupa: came out like really aggressive coming out of yesterday’s loss. We all wanted it Rupa: like really bad and I think that like
just like gives us more confidence going Rupa: into tomorrow because we all we all played really well today. Judy Kam: Today we were definitely more
aggressive on the court than we were Judy: yesterday and the energy level was
overall a lot higher than yesterday. Judy: We’re cheering each other on
everyone’s fist pumping even when we Judy: lost the point like no negativity and that really helped Judy: and we came out with a good win and we are very excited with a match tomorrow Judy: hopefully we will come out with a number W go Violets!

David Frank