April 7, 2020
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Women’s Volleyball  vs  Montclair State 10-19-17

[background music] Rayne Ellis: I was here last year when we played against Hunter and it went to five, except Rayne: last year we lost. And so in the middle of the fourth and the fifth set, as a senior, I just Rayne: kind of sat down and Tracy and I were looking at each other, Rayne: and we’re like we’re either going to do it or we’re not going to. So it Rayne: there was a moment when we had to pull it together, as seniors but mostly as volleyball players and remind ourselves why we’re on the court and that’s to win. Karl France: We talked about a lot of being aggressive the whole a couple of days Karl: that we’ve had the practice. But we also tried to make sure that we always have a Karl: nice calm composure. And once we were composed it would be okay, and the ladies just played Karl: very very inspiring volleyball. Karl: See them come out here and play such a good match, and Gracie who had some differences and she started and came back, it’s increased worth Karl: for her and then Rayne has been amazing all the way through this season and Karl: she’s usually on top ten and she showed it.

David Frank