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WORLD TOUR DEBUT!!!  || Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball Episode 10

Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball this house serve there’s a little bit of
trouble great set though what hello and welcome back to Jess guy
gaming we’re here playing volleyball and bound and May and 5 we’re in our first
big international World Tour tournament Buenos Aires Grand Slam this is a big
moment for the boys so I can’t wait let’s get to it
so this gonna be a journey there’s a lot of freaking brackets in this tournament
there’s like double brackets there’s like way more rounds
we’re playing constant Gomez in the first round let’s go look at this
stadium beauty yeah yeah wave to the crowd there’s nobody watching this is
the early rounds we’re in top though okay these guys are
not bad Wow Costin step your block game up bro they’re both pretty much
identical so I don’t know I don’t know what we’re gonna do maybe
just serve seem try to get on a guy maybe the short guy I don’t know let’s
just play it good servers though sneak it yeah that’s nice good start
alright I think just be aggressive is kind of the mentality that deep seam
serve that’s aggressive causing a little bit of trouble
what okay yikes that’s a good shot that’s a good shot shit we’ve got to
keep them to the outside so it limits their options that’s maybe whoa
we’ll take that I think maybe keep them to the sidelines like if I serve cost
down here keep them on the side give me more options to play D oh but an ace
from joeld yes guy hey nice all right do it again Joe hey I’m happy with another
ace bro all sorts of trouble yeah keep them to the outside cuz then we got a
little bit more room to work with Joe making it dig put it away Oh bad set by
Annie free ball I got it of all yet Joel way to not screw it up Joe not a boy
match ball yeah I think keeping on the outside is a good way to exploit the AI
because if they pass it like that then it’s like this then it’s like either
right at me or I move in line Joel yes come on put the team on my freaking back
after that shit set Joe yeah we’re playing a team from Japan Matt’s Matsu
Sheeta and Sura Hoshi this guy’s a pretty mediocre the ranked 12th in the
world all right they’re pretty much the same
I think maybe how Hoshi’s maybe the guy he’s a bit worse I don’t know it’s hard
to tell he’s shorter anyway so let’s go ahead and keep him on the sidelines keep
him out on this side go Joe watch the second ball mm-hmm I’m there a good
thing rolled it right at me found a sharp yikes you guys should just hit a deep
voice my heart indeed maybe I’m looking for the glory play it’s a video game
forget play an actual volleyball nasty joke and pound it sharp though way to go
Joe all right go back to survive we could really use an AC or full speed
week oh but free chance coming oh whoa Joe
takes it he’s greedy he wants it though yeah if he’s gonna do that you do that
every time Joe nice buddy he’s taking over I’m gonna let him to kind of deep
Joe just pounded full speed ahead nice rip all sorts of problems free chance
Joe that’s off the antenna wrap you see that move oh what a dig by him I’m there
set me up naked snake it back door yes nice sneak antenna I thought earlier oh
well pound it Joe well three one take a risk whoa a little
bit too much risk Joe yikes my bad it’s all right we’ll sign
up yo oh it’s in the net nice I love it when they miss a serve after we miss a
match ball come on me with the ACE yes the standing served gets it done yes guy
all right moving on I love cooler playing now
– wooden feed nice to see you again wow Beadon is a
star he’s a great center but his shot and Spike are definitely better I think
we’ve gotta go – what he’s just worse but look at that arm power
yikes we’re in tough these guys haven’t proved they must have all right I think
we’ll go too – would ya yeah we’ll see he passes it well shit look out I’m on
it good start now what to do with it yes
come on I’m always so nervous up in Eddie’s gonna slamming let’s see if they
are let’s surf – with a little bit tougher this time what is happening
that’s two aces in the last two serves for me come on get another I pass it
well this time yeah I’m gonna stay over watch the line roll go go go Oh went off
the block though we wouldn’t add that anyway so I know you Joe here you go
buddy found it oh the finesse play way to see
the open court Joe the we thought yes me down a deep a deep every time
that’s a nice serve you dunk it though good set by that guy gosh
but these guys are so good sigh dojo we need it
nice finesse play Joe since when match ball alright – would I aced you once
before let’s get him again I passed it well pull Joe pull off the net will make
a day go dude is right at you one side out for the win you go Joe it’s all you
buddy I’m just setting yikes yes oh what an easy shot that he missed yes Joe we
beat the Canadiens forget them you do that crowd roaring I like it the stands
aren’t full yet but that’s ok we’re here in the semi and we’re playing Boyer and
Cantrell and the holy shit these guys are good it will rank number one for six
months they’re ranked third right now Wow
I have no idea what to do here both their shots are perfect
the one guy spike isn’t that good so maybe you go to Cantrell I guess I don’t
know I guess let’s just hope for the best Joe – second ball good deke Joe
Bennett put it away it’s Joe what a play I don’t know why that guy went on –
right away you know what the nice day down the line – Cantrell again don’t go
second ball this time ready yeah that’s pretty good okay we’re gonna
have to battle that’s just the reality you’re gonna have to battle
that’s a tough sir I pass it well no sneaked it sneaky nice never big that
man I always had that shot open all right
maybe we’ll try the flow sir yeah look out I’m on it not really that was a
big hit gosh just keep siding out I guess
just keep siding up don’t put me close Joe nice freakin set dude yes yes I knew
it was worth it investing in all those setting points for Joe attaboy all right
serve it deep come on look out I’m on it yikes but see it’s just too powerful
right now there aren’t our strong we’re gonna have to find a steel somewhere
nice pass put me on Joe great frickin said I’m at the same shot every single
time off the block this time yes all right it’s match ball for us maybe we
should go over to Boyer and just see what’s happening over here with a rip
that’s a tough ball great set though I’m on it
come on Joe get up come on what I hit the fuckin antenna gosh what a
battle neither side of Doge oh shit we’re in tough yikes look at the second
ball no we’re get caught in the middle sorry sorry sight oh come on sign up No all right so we got a taste of what it’s
like to play one of the top teams in the world I guess we’re gonna have to
improve a little bit if we want to get to that level but we’re playing for
bronze against a German team Dyer and I’ll stir let’s go gosh these guys are
good too they’re ranked second in the world
really and I suppose the other team playing in the other final is the top
team in the world great Dyer and OGG stir from Germany
really look at this skill I don’t even know where to begin I think maybe guy
he’s the better setter and he’s not quite as good an attacker so I think
gyres our guy here is where we’re going Dyer is the guy there’s a tough serve
there’s a little bit of trouble great set though what like wow yeah we just got bounced on we’re in
tough man ah yikes that was a good serve great set Joe alright nice get there you
go we’re scrambling I got you covered Joe you idiot I’m there go come on watch
the second ball I’m on it set me up sneak it sneak it yes come on all right that was a scrambling trick
and play all right guy are you’re the guy I guess you’re the guy here
no I ripped that hard watch it watch it I’m on it there’s a chance put me on do
something with a Joe I mean may gosh great dig by that guy Joe Joe you’re
such an idiot gosh we’re falling apart here we gotta
stick together Joe especially when he’s serving that tough put me on nice set
charlie yeah sneak it by their love that all
right guys you’re the guy here look out okay bait vane switch how am I supposed
to defend that yikes we’re in a battle it’s okay we’re
battling Joe here you go buddy do something with it oh look out oh man
they’re good all right come on go Joe I’ll pound it on – gosh he fricking free
bald me go come on Joe we’re fine No alright guys well that’s gonna do it for
this episode a volleyball unbound man I thought we were going pretty well there
and a couple timer wins in a row but the top teams in the world certainly showed
us that we got a long way to go more places in the bads oh that’s the most
points we’ve ever seen it was a good battle good battle we got we’ve got a
long way to go I guess I gotta thank you guys so much for watching I really
appreciate the support that you guys have shown in this series I it means a
lot to me if you haven’t already hit that subscribe button now I would really
really appreciate it but thank you again so much for watching and I hope to see
you next time on yes guy gaming Volleyball Unbound Pro Beach Volleyball

David Frank



  1. Joseph Larrobis Posted on January 28, 2019 at 3:12 am

    Sometimes we win sometimes we lose hehehe 👍