April 7, 2020
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YouTube Live & The Lacrosse Network

YouTube has an incredible reach worldwide We have a billion unique visitors that come every month to YouTube which is about half the Internet. And YouTube Live allows people to broadcast whatever they want today. We see YouTube
Live being used for sporting events for concerts, for how-to videos, any kinds of ways our
partners want to connect directly immediately with their user videos.
You know, one of the beauties is that we had a partner who is just starting out the Lacrosse Network and they needed to show show Major League Lacrosse and actually Lacrosse can do professional production in order to sort of meet their standards
they were able to secure a NewTek TriCaster. Here were two
kids really who started off their own network and they looked as professional as you know, as any of the major broadcasters, so that was a great thing for them and a great thing for YouTube as well. Well, our first production with the TriCaster
it was the first time that we produced a game
with replay with graphics with multiple cameras and it was our are highest-viewed game. People
were sharing it, people were telling their friends about it because
it was really the first time you saw a non-televised game at this production
quality. It’s important that YouTube not
be viewed as some sorta grainy, poor productions. We’re at the stage now where we are competing
for eyeballs against TV, so production quality is extremely
important and it’s great working with the TriCaster because it enables partners who are
relatively on a budget be able to create a broadcast that’s as good as anything you could find on TV and
have a a worldwide reach which they couldn’t have before. The combination of the
TriCaster and YouTube Live is really where we’re starting to see kind of the next
level of television because what YouTube is doing is
breaking down those niche areas that the cable television
companies can’t. To be able to use YouTube as a
platform, it’s kind of the new wave of television, it’s where everything’s
moving to digital and YouTube has the biggest theater. So, to
pair a production quality with an audience that’s really the
equation that we’re looking for. [Announcers] [Announcers] Somebody was considering starting a live channel having professional equipment that can enable green screens or mixing or nice titling on things and swish
graphics the NewTek TriCaster is the very product to
do that. What NewTek allows us to do is in a live space really capture the sport with quality and allow us
break it down for them, and allow us to present it in a proper light. To have replay, to have graphics, to make
it look like a television quality broadcast it’s the
way sports is supposed to be watched because that’s when people start taking the
sport seriously and that’s when this thing can grow.

David Frank